This is a Call To Arms against the Psychiatric Ward War being waged by the VA against our returning home Veterans

Quicker VA Processes, Veterans Psychiatric Reform Rights…

Evaluation and recommendation of the Veterans Administration (VA) Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD retired Master Sergeant u

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
Retired Master Sergeant Vietnam veteran

From: Gary Koniz
Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2017 7:37 AM
Cc:;; Frank Denton; Paige Kelton; Chris Ender;; Max Lederer, Jr.

From: Gary Koniz
Sent: Monday, March 20, 2017 4:40 PM
To: Congressman Thomas Rooney
Cc: Congressman Vern Buchanan

From: Gary Koniz
Sent: Monday, March 20, 2017 11:11 AM
To: Congressman Rob Wittman
Cc: Robert Redford; Robert Redford

From: Gary Koniz
Sent: Monday, March 20, 2017 6:47 AM
To:;;; Rick Scott; Alan Baker; Speaker Paul Ryan; Senator Mitch McConnell; Representative Vicky Hartzler; Congressman John Rutherford; Senator Marco Rubio; Senator Bill Nelson; Senator Bernie Sanders; Senator Gary Peters; Congressman Tom Graves; Pam Bondi;;;; Ken Detzner; Office of Open Government
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Now at this time let us demand the appropriate Legislation necessary, to Re-Set the Foundation of how to properly care for our returning from War Combat Duty Veterans; to a Benign Setting of; Bed Rest Convalescence, Counseling, Sound Nutritional Healing, and Meaningful Therapy; Absent of Unwarranted Psychiatric History Labeling, and Free From All Disabling Strong Tranquilizer Restraining Chemicals in the name of Health Care, as to what is needed. The labeling of “Psychiatric Ward” is to be replaced by the Appropriate Wording of “Convalescence.” Our mission is to heal the traumatic nature of the suffering of our Veterans and to provide them with the best care possible.

This is a Call To Arms against the Psychiatric Ward War being waged by the VA against our returning home Veterans and to settle the matter once and for all that our Nation’s Wars are not fought without trauma and battle fatigue and without emotions of remorse and mourning. Our Veterans need intelligent and compassionate medical care and not to be thrown into the VA’s Psychiatric Wards to be labelled and thought of as insane deranged killers to be destroyed with Strong Anti-Psychotic Tranquilizers, and from there to be discharged back out into the streets as Homeless Veterans to Die, or to Commit Suicide, after they have served our country so bravely.

This War against our Veterans has to do with our U.S. Domestic Liberal Alliance having banded together with Anti-American Racial and Ethnic Foreign National Fronts, Drug Mafia, Terrorist, and Communist Enemy Fronts all siding together to the Overthrow of our Government for their various motives of aggression to be attacking us; and who have taken control of been in the control over the staffing of our VA Health Care System since the Vietnam War Era in their motives to deliberately destroy our Veterans and their Ability to Defend Our Homeland.

The Liberals, (and defined as; the Drug Warfaring Feminists, the Lesbian and Homosexual Transgender People, the Hostile Third World Immigration Overrun Interracial Procreation War; and the Heroin/Drug and Pornography Drug/Chemical Warfare Mafias,) have each banded together with certain Foreign National Powers and Medical Pharmaceutical Corruption against our Veterans to Psychiatrically Destroy their Honor and Will To Live on the theme of; “The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend;” as displayed during the Post Inauguration Demonstrations.
Only the strong will survive here, and the power to take control rests with those who are strong enough to seize it. We have the “Competent Medical and Legal Authority” to prosecute our Veterans Case against the VA for the premeditated damaging of our Veterans Gray Matter. This is a very heinous crime the same as if someone were to be abducted and assaulted with Mind Altering Anti-Psychotic Tranquilizers and precisely what the VA is doing to our Veterans without recourse of legal defense and tantamount to the crime of kidnapping and lethal assault.
Our Veterans Psychiatric Defense is created from the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 14th Amendments … “No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without Due Process of Law.” Is there anyone in the American Legal Justice System WHO DOES NOT UNDERSTAND AND COMPREHEND THIS CONSTITUTIONAL DEFINITION OF OUR FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS OF LIBERTY UNDER GOD Regarding Psychiatric Fascism? You know it is a War On Us that we all have to defend against! Ipso Facto then Defend WE Must!

What the Government is failing to grasp here is that there is no such thing as stated: of a Failure To Enforce the Law being allowed to occur. “In a vast majority of cases the court system is not providing the checks and balances required by law to prevent persons from being held against their will for time periods of longer than 5 business days and Force Treated with Dangerous Chemicals on a Psychiatric Charge without the Due Process of a Court Hearing”. This is a Federal Crime of Failure To Enforce The Law of The Constitution. Laws in the U.S., and especially of a Constitutional Nature, are not subject to Discretionary Enforcement. Failure to enforce The Constitution is a violation of Federal Criminal Statutes (Title 18) subject to prosecution. Furthermore the term of Mental Illness cannot be putatively attached to anybody and used to discredit them without Due Process.

The Non-Responsiveness of our Government demands a stand-up force of Concerned Veterans set in motion to protect and defend our Active Duty Personnel and Veterans in the Illegally Incorporated U.S.A. from future and further Psychiatric Devastation at the hands of the VA Psychiatric Wards and Private Mental Health Institutions.

Immediate National Response in mandatory concerned Legislation to protect our Veterans is required in urgent decisive action to save their lives; and moreover to protect and defend The Constitutional Rights of all the Psychatrically Accused here in America to enable all people to live here in Freedom free from the fear of any Tyranny to Oppress them; whether it be of a foreign enemy subversive design in premeditation, or of domestic criminal mafia conspiracies, or from the Private Criminal Commercialized version of Incorporated America in which the profits of the Corporate Pharmaceutical Industry can buy our Politicians to sway and control the Government to force their lethal Psychotropic Pharmacy Chemical products upon the lives of our Veterans and many other hapless Americans; that Common Sense would show the Correct Path Of Reason about; to what that nothing seems to ever get done about because the Law Enforcement/Military Arms of our Government responsible to protect our citizens are controlled by the Federal Legislature who are themselves being controlled (Paid Off) by, and owing Allegiances to, Foreign Powers and Pharmaceutical Industry Campaign Contributions (and to the include support for the present pandemic subversion of Opioids) not to Intervene.

This Nation was founded by Dedicated People such as ourselves who mutually volunteered together to create a responsible government on the earth for all the people; and who put their lives on the line to ensure the success of its Liberty. Let us at this time in our history vow in our resolve not to let the vision of our Founding Fathers die and to work on and to resolve the many problems we face in these crucial times with maturity together, not only as it concerns our Service Veterans to save them from Psychiatric Ruination; but for the sake of our Great Nation to guard it against all harm as should befall it, to be undertaken as a duty with sacrifice in determination.

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to emulate. Sophisticated Reasoning Is In Order Here: In The End You Will Say, ‘We Did It
Ourselves.’ We Are The Only Ones Here Who Can Make Those Determinations Of Choice.”

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