Quicker VA Processes, Veterans Psychiatric Reform Rights…

Veterans Psychiatric Reform Rights…

This is a Call To Arms against the Psychiatric Ward War being waged by the VA against our returning home Veterans and to settle the matter once and for all that our Nation’s Wars are not fought without trauma and battle fatigue and without emotions of remorse and mourning. Our Veterans need intelligent and compassionate medical care and not to be thrown into the VA’s Psychiatric Wards to be labelled and thought of as insane deranged killers to be destroyed with Strong Anti-Psychotic Tranquilizers, and from there to be discharged back out into the streets as Homeless Veterans to Die, or to Commit Suicide, after they have served our country so bravely.

This War against our Veterans has to do with our U.S. Domestic Liberal Alliance having banded together with Anti-American Racial and Ethnic Foreign National Fronts, Drug Mafia, Terrorist, and Communist Enemy Fronts all siding together to the Overthrow of our Government for their various motives of aggression to be attacking us; and who have taken control of and who have been in the control over the staffing of our VA Health Care System since the Vietnam War Era in their motives to deliberately destroy our Veterans and their Ability to Defend Our Homeland.

The Liberals, (and defined as; the Drug Warfaring Feminists, the Gay Lesbian and Homosexual Transgender Front, the Hostile Third World Immigration Overrun Interracial Procreation War; and the Drug and Pornography Drug/Chemical Warfare Fronts,) have all banded together with certain Foreign National Powers and Medical/Pharmaceutical Corruption against our Veterans in motives to overthrow the Government for their own ends, on the theme of; “The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend;” as was obviously displayed during the Post Inauguration Demonstrations.

Only the strong will survive here, and the power to take control rests with those who are strong enough to hold on to it. We have the “Competent Medical and Legal Authority” to prosecute our Veterans Case against the VA for tampering with and for damaging our Veterans Gray Matter. This is a very heinous crime the same as if someone were to be abducted and assaulted with Mind Altering Anti-Psychotic Tranquilizers and precisely what the VA is doing to our Veterans without recourse of legal defense and tantamount to the crime of kidnapping and lethal assault.

Our Veterans Psychiatric Defense is created from the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 14th Amendments … “No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without Due Process of Law.” Is there anyone in the American Legal Justice System WHO DOES NOT UNDERSTAND AND COMPREHEND THIS CONSTITUTIONAL DEFINITION OF OUR FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS OF LIBERTY UNDER GOD Regarding Psychiatric Fascism? You know it is a War On Us that we all have to defend against! Ipso Facto.

Gary L. Koniz – Correspondent
Veterans Of The Vietnam War

Evaluation and recommendation of the Veterans Administration (VA)

Evaluation and recommendation of the Veterans Administration (VA) Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD retired Master Sergeant u

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
Retired Master Sergeant Vietnam veteran

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