Despite her travails, Lacy was actually lucky. Few of the roughly 50,000 Floridians inside the state’s guardianship system ever escape.

Liberty Counsel – Legal Group,

Thank you for responding to my request for legal assistance. However, I need more information and clarification regarding your decision. I am also hopeful that after you read some of the information I have provided, you will reconsider your decision and assist 101 year old Miriam E. Lancaster. If not, the least you can do is write a letter to Miriam E. Lancaster to explain why you refuse to get involved to help restore her rights and many just like her.

With that being said…….Please provide more specific reasons for deciding to NOT assist a 101 year old woman protect her rights. If you are simply looking for a case that has “any long-term precedential factor that the case may set through the appellate process”; I expect this would be such a case and it should set precedent! We – aka Americans – should be outraged by this unGodly, inhumane and anti-American behavior. Miriam E. Lancaster was born in 1915 when women did NOT have the right to vote. To take away her rights now – including her right to vote is disgusting and despicable. To stand on the sidelines and do nothing is equally disgusting and despicable. An American should never be “Too old to vote”. An American should never been denied the right to go the church of their choice, the right visit and communicate with friends and family, the right to proper legal representation, but this is exactly what is happening here. This is not right.

Additionally, you, Liberty Counsel, should not ignore the fact that Florida has one of the highest populations of senior citizens in the country. This case would affect millions of Americans now and all of us as we get older.

Let there be no doubt, Miriam’s rights via FL Statute 744 have been violated as well as USC 241 and 242. Why is the failure for State of Florida to abide by Statute 744 and violate Ms. Lancaster’s rights not worthy of your time? How does this case not qualify for assistance via conspiracy against rights under the color of law – USC 242? Your generic answer/response does answer this question.

Florida is well known for it’s “guardianship for profit” and abuse of the elderly. It is time to change this. Unfortunately, the victims of this abuse are defenseless due to Florida’s guardianship law that was supposed to PROTECT them. How sad and disgusting is that?????

Guardianship in Florida: Legalized Robbery and Exploitation of the Elderly and Disabled!

Guardianship in Florida: Legalized Rob…

Why You Should Care About Guardianship Abuse

Why You Should Care About Guardianship …

“Despite her travails, Lacy was actually lucky. Few of the roughly 50,000 Floridians inside the state’s guardianship system ever escape. And for some, losing their rights is just the beginning. In cases of abuse, they are isolated from families, overmedicated, and physically neglected while guardians bleed their accounts.”

“Ostensibly set up to protect the state’s most vulnerable citizens, Florida’s guardianship system has itself become dangerous.” Miami-Dade’s might be the most dangerous of all.”

Justice Network – Guardian Abuse of the Elderly

Justice Network – Guardian Abuse of the…

Thank you,
Sally Baptiste

On Thursday, March 23, 2017 8:51 AM, Legal wrote:

Dear Sally,

Thank you for your recent contact to Liberty Counsel concerning your situation. We have reviewed the information you have given us and the applicable laws. Liberty Counsel has a litigation committee that must approve all litigation activities undertaken by Liberty Counsel.

In rendering its decision, the litigation committee takes into consideration the financial resources of Liberty Counsel at the time of the request, legal resources available and necessary to adequately prosecute a case, the facts and law of the case, and any long-term precedential factor that the case may set through the appellate process. There must be unanimous agreement on all of these issues before Liberty Counsel will become involved in a litigated matter.

Our litigation committee did not have a unanimous affirmative vote to accept your case. Therefore, Liberty Counsel will be unable to undertake any representation in this matter. Please be advised that we are not making any representation as to the merits of your claim. I would urge you to immediately seek legal representation from another competent attorney. There may be one or more Statute of Limitations or time limitations that apply to your case. Failure to abide by the Statute of Limitations or other time limitations could prevent further action on your claim.

Thank you again for contacting Liberty Counsel and for giving us the opportunity to review your situation.

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From: Legal Assistance []
Sent: Monday, March 20, 2017 2:47 PM
To: Legal
Subject: Sally Baptiste has submitted a Legal Help form

Hello Legal Assistance,

Sally Baptiste submitted a form for Legal Help.

Thank you!

Here are the form results below:

First Name: Sally
Last Name: Baptiste
Phone: 407-761-9016

Address1: 7027 Eaker Drive
City: Orlando
State/Province: Florida
Zip/Postal Code: 32822
Country: The United States

Miriam E. Lancaster – Florida Guardianship Laws violate rights of seniors – takes away right to vote and other rights.

How did you hear about Liberty Counsel?:

Provide a brief summary describing what happened, what you believe was done wrong, and what you would like Liberty Counsel to do on your behalf. :

What Happened:
Miriam fell in 2014 and sustained several injuries. Miriam was 98 at that time and still driving her Cadillac and living on her own. She was not suffering from any type of “mental illness”. Since this accident, there has been multiple violations of Miriam E. Lancaster’s rights – including age discrimination. Miriam E. Lancaster is now 101 The State of Florida is denying Miriam rights via FL Guardianship laws AND as many of us see it, USC 241/242 – Conspiracy against rights under the color of law. They are violating her rights to vote under the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The following three videos/reports were AFTER Miriam was inappropriately declared “totally incapacitated”. Miriam E. Lancaster – Let me Vote WFTV Report

What Was Done Wrong:
The initial appointment of a plenary guardianship was a conspiracy against Miriam E. Lancaster’s rights. I would like to send you the Florida Bar Complaint the demonstrates this conspiracy at Miriam’s capacity hearing on October 26, 2016. Additionally, I have a lot of documentation on this case that clearly proves Miriam’s rights have been violated. While Miriam has rights under FL Statute 744 – “rights to counsel” and “access to the court”, these rights are blocked by the current guardianship. Most recently, she has been denied communication and visitation from family and friends. She has been denied the right to go to her church – a church she has attended for the past 30-35 years. Upon your review of the FL Bar Complaint – I believe it is very apparent and you will agree; the court appointed attorney has failed to properly represent Miriam. This failure ha s prevented Miriam from voting in our last election and has prevented restoration of many of Miriam’s rights.

What You Would Like Us to Do:
Miriam needs a consultation with an attorney, one or more relatives and me, Sally Baptiste to review this case and see what can be done to restore her rights. This should never be allowed to happen in America. This abuse started in May-June 2015 when the plenary guardianship was appointed. There should have been a limited guardianship and ongoing rehabilitation as mandated by Florida Statute 744.

Deadlines, If Any:
Yes. There is a deadline for the FL Bar Complaint – I believe 7 days or need an extension. There are other hearings being scheduled for the guardianship of Miriam E. Lancaster.

Are you currently represented by an attorney in regard to this issue?:
Yes (Yes and No. In attempt to help restore Miriam’s rights, a cousin of Miriam’s and I have petitioned to take over the current guardianship. We must stop the current guardianship. We believe they are trying to relocate Miriam to Georgia against her will, not provide adequate care for her and are isolating Miriam from her family and friends.)

Are you directly involved in this situation?:

Any other relevant facts?:
I testified at Miriam’s capacity hearing Another friend of Miriam’s attempted to address the abuse, but the Judge would not hear it. It appears this hearing was a farce – they were required to have the hearing, but did not have the hearing in good faith and the ruling should be appealed. We need to support the rule of law and make sure laws are not circumvented by the attorneys or the courts. As I and other see it, Miriam E. Lancaster is the victim here, but due to the guardianship, she has no way to seek legal representation to defend herself. This is an ongoing conspiracy against her rights. We need to ensure Miriam is treated with respect and dignity and given every opportunity to have a voice in her own life. Per two doctors’ statements, Miriam is not totally incapacitated. This fact has been ignored by the court, the court appointed attorney and the current co-guardians.

I have read and agree to the disclaimer below:


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