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So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love” (1 Corinthians 13:13).–anti-american-trade-deals–american-identity-crisis

November 2015 through June 2016 Charles Frederick Tolbert Ed.D Candidate for US Senate Florida 2016, will be visiting the following counties in Florida. If you wish to have him speak in your county please call 561-398 9025

Nov/Dec: Brevard-Indian River-Ft Lucie-Okeechobee -Osceola –Orange-Seminole -Volusia-Lakes

January : Nassau-Duval-Baker-Clay-St Johns-Hamilton -Suwannee –Union-Bradford Flagler

February: Santa Rosa-Escambia-Okaloosa -Walton –Holmes-Washington –Calhoun Liberty-Franklin –Leon-Jefferson
March: Taylor-Dixie-Gilchrist-Levy-Marion-Citrus-Sumter-Lake-Hernando –Pasco

April: Pinellas-Hillsborough –Polk-Manatee -Sarasota –Hardee-DeSoto-Charlotte

May/June: Miami-Dade-Broward-West Palm-Hendry-Collier-Monroe-Key West

Liberal/Conservative or No Party Affiliation?

There is a difference of opinion by Democrats, Liberals, Republicans and Conservatives. I feel it would be a good starting point for me to present my views as a candidate for Senate of Florida 2016. I would like other candidates to express their views on each subject in order for the voters to know where our political parties stand..

I do not want to be politically correct, but instead, I want to present my views based on my experiences and education. The complete article can be found on concerning: Abortion, Affirmative Action, Death Penalty, Economy, Education, Stem Cell Research, Energy, Euthanasia & Physician-Assisted suicide, Global Warming, Gun Control, Healthcare, Homeland Security, Immigration, Private Property, Religion & Government, Same Sex Marriage, Social Security, Taxes, United Nations (UN) War on Terrorism and Welfare.

I was a high school dropout, with a sister who committed suicide, in addition, I had the option of jail or joining the Army before my 18thbirthday. I served this great country of ours for 22 years, and retired as a Master Sergeant. After serving my country, I became a motivational speaker then opened an executive aircraft sales company which I owned for 20 years. In 1999, I was called to teach the gospel and became a Pastor. Since then I have received a Masters in Divinity, a Masters in Education and a Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership.

For my full resume visit:

For my YouTube presentation visit:

I am available to discuss any of the items below or other items that you would like to discuss thank you

Dr. Charles Frederick Tolbert

Candidate for U.S. Senate Florida 2016

Citizens For A Better America Party of Florida (CFABANP)



SECTION 1. The purpose of the Party shall be to establish itself as a political party with a forward looking vision, demonstrating the facility of the U.S Constitution in all our activities, and to issue that the State of Florida’s constitution is correct according to the U.S. Constitution. Below are the Values: Citizens For A Better America National Party (CFABANP) of FLORIDA

1. Enforce U. S. Constitution

2. Taxation by representation

3. Bring jobs home made in America

4. Non-Bullying in Schools

5. Reduce Federal influence of the State according to Amendment 10 U.S Constitution

6. Religious Freedom Amendment 1 U. S. Constitution

7. Equal Rights according to Amendment 14 U. S. Constitution

8. Redefine Education as a Parents responsibility and elimination of Federal intervention

9. Enforce and support Amendment 2 U.S. Constitution Right to bear arms
10. To form a State immigration department according to Amendment 10 U. S. Constitution
According to 1790 naturalization of requirements of one-year residency of state and of good moral character. The only way individuals who can come in this country illegally should be according to the following:
1. Pay the state for request of residency
2. Since they came in this country illegally they do not have good moral character and they should perform the following under probation for two years:
A. Not be allowed to send money out of state
B. Not receive any benefits such as welfare food stamps and medical or free education.
C. Received a work permit and they are sponsored by either the community, a friend family relative or other individuals.
D. Upon Completion of the probation period of two years they would then be allowed to submit as a resident of good moral character and follow the federal laws for naturalization and receive full benefits as a resident of the state.
E. Enforcement of laws concerning hiring illegal immigrants.

11. defense of the United States and the veterans and all military forces to where we become a powerful country that negotiation is that you either protect our allies are you suffer the consequences

12. provide sufficient defense for the country of Israel to such a degree that they cannot be conquered as they are our brothers and God

13. define marriage and support as a religious right between man and woman were as a same-sex union would be considered a civil union and would not violate the First Amendment and uphold the first amendment and the 14th amendment

Charles Frederick Tolbert Ed.D.
Candidate for US Senate Florida 2016 CFABANP
PO Box 23935 Ft Lauderdale, Florida 33307
561 398 9025

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