follow Dr Tolbert for Senate Florida 2016

Tried voting? It doesn’t work, you say. it’s like a medicine you continually change from one to the other to cure a problem.
Now you voted Democrat, Republican or Libertarian. Same results?
Changing and still no cure? Covering up the cause? Cure the cause with
a major political party; Citizens For A Better America Party of Florida (CFABANP)
We may be an unknown factor, but it could be the cure for the Americans disease of corruption.
CEO Charles Frederick Tolbert
Charles Frederick Tolbert EDD
Retired Master sergeant and pastor
for United States Senate Florida 2016

As a governor the concern is about the state.
As a State Representative the concern is the district.
As a U.S. Senator the concern is the State of Florida. In addition the international scene and the national forum, representing all 50 states and the U.S. Constitution.
For that reason as U.S. Senator we have to address issues far greater than just the State of Florida; national defense, budgeting, constitutional items are on our bylaws so that we go from a political party in Florida to national/international by 2020.
Our first priority is the U.S. Constitution.
Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
I believe in God and I am A Citizen For A Better America National Party
Candidate for U.S. Senate Florida 2016
Retired Master Sergeant

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