Liberal/Conservative or No Party Affiliation?

Would You Be Considered A Conservative or A Liberal?

Liberal/Conservative or No Party Affiliation?

This Article was originally written November 5th 2013
Updated and edited March 08, 2018

Liberal/Conservative, Citizens For a Better America Party Florida CFABAPF

CFA Citizens For America

Of Democrats and Republicans 39% to 46% are not sure who they would vote for, for United

I’ve written several articles stating that I would vote for what is correct for the United States according to the constitution.

There may be a difference of opinion by Democrats comparatively as Liberals and Republicans comparatively as Conservatives. I felt it would be a good starting point for me to present my views as a U. S. Senate of Florida 2016 candidate. I would like other candidates to express their views on each subject in order for the voters to know where our political parties stand.

I do not want to be politically correct, but instead, I want to present my views based on my experiences and education. The complete article can be found on www.cfabamerica.comconcerning: Abortion, Affirmative Action, Death Penalty, Economy, Education, Stem Cell Research, Energy, Euthanasia & Physician-Assisted suicide, Global Warming, Gun Control, Healthcare, Homeland Security, Immigration, Private Property, Religion & Government, Same Sex Marriage, Social Security, Taxes, United Nations (UN) War on Terrorism, Welfare.

I was a high school dropout, with sisters who committed suicide. I had the option of jail or joining the Army before my 18th birthday. I served my country for 22 years, and retired as a Master Sergeant. After serving my country, I became a motivational speaker then opened an executive aircraft sales company which I owned for 20 years. In 1999, I was called to teach the gospel and became a Pastor. Since then I have received a Master’s in Divinity, a Master’s in Education and a Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership.

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Charles Frederick Tolbert Ed.D.
U. S. Senate Florida 2016 CFA
Citizen for a Better America, Inc (CFA);

My view is in line with the conservatives, however, there are issues which are also liberal and some which do not belong to either group because the Constitution limits the Federal Government to inter-state commerce, and defense. All not stated in the constitution belongs to the State and to the people. We sometimes forget we are a Federalism which means that each State enacts it on laws according to the well-being of the people of their state.

THE ISSUES: (In alphabetical order)


Here is where my teaching and studying the scriptures have an internal battle. Even though I personally disagree with abortion, I do not believe that the Government or other individuals should be involved in this decision. The man and the woman in prayer and understanding of God’s will, have to come to a common agreement. What is needed is, the ministries provide counseling, care, adoptions and medical facilities to insure the health of both the woman and child. Church assemblies are against abortions. These same ministries have not established alternate methods for the health and welfare of both parents and the child. Although prevention should be taught the parents of their young children need to be involved in instructions of ethical and moral behavior. Unfortunately with the increase of single family homes our children do not have the male and female role model needed to make reasonable decisions. The private organizations that provide care are doing the job of our religious leaders. I believe we should remove the government from this process and each citizen should provide needed support.

Affirmative Action

Affirmative action begins with the removal of race, creed, color, religion and or sexual preference from any questionnaire used for public opinion, polls or allocation of funding. Our President and mass media as well as other politicians, play the race card in order to divide and conquer. We the people according to our constitution are equal and no one group or individual should receive more rights than another.

Death Penalty

Prisons are treating the problem and not the cause. Repaying the community cannot be accomplished by putting someone to death, but by molding your child’s life at an early stage can reduce or even eliminate violate crime. When young I was given a second chance, by being offered the opportunity to either join the army or go to jail. I believe that this option when given to a first offender can reduce crime and change the lives of the next generation. Many wish to follow the rule, an eye for an eye rather than forgiveness and rehabilitation. The same individuals that are against abortion are for the death penalty. Many of our homeless have tried to join the army, but because of their lack of education and misbehavior when they were young, are not given the same chance I was given in 1960.


Here I take a conservative view with the addition of the elimination of the IRS by enacting HR 25

And and return to producing products made in America.

Education – vouchers & charter schools

Education should not be a privilege, but a right. Since I represent 1% of Americans, I have a Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership and I graduated in 2010 from Nova Southeastern University. This accomplishment was not without cost and even though I served our country for 22 years, my student loans are well over $100,000.00. I do not see the advantage of a public school system that is teaching a socialist doctrine and does not allow freedom of speech and religion. Visit in addition to

Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Both liberals and conservatives make a valid argument. Because of this, further research would be necessary to determine which would be ethical and morally correct.


Both liberal and conservatives have a valid argument; there should be a long term plan for reduction of resources and a short term plan to increase productivity. Here both groups can come to an agreement which would allow us to accomplish returning production “Made in America” and still be competitive in the world market.

Euthanasia & Physician-assisted suicide

I am in total agreement with the conservative view point and believe that we must teach more home care for those who are in need of assistance. In the last 10 years I have taken care of three ladies. A woman born in Russia in 1918, who I met 10 years ago, moved her into my home 7 years ago at which time she was given 6 months to live. After being her caregiver for 10 years she passed over in June 2013 at the age of 94. I have a plan to fund, at the state level, educational programs to teach caregivers how to take care of members of their family and neighbors. The cost of the program to be funded by the state in committee colleges, in the long run will reduce the cost of care, extend and enrich the lives of our senior citizens.

Global Warming/Climate Change

Both groups make a valid point, however statically data does not prove either is totally correct. Extensive research is needed to insure that the natural process created by a greater intelligence is allowed and by the planting of more trees to insure that the natural cycle of clean air happens. The cost to business growth in America should be tempered without increase of government regulations. A gradual increase of checks and balances, with private businesses being more involved, with a reduction of government regulations will increase productivity in America. No businesses in America want to do harm but they want to be more competitive in the world market. By learning to be more productive and energy efficient we can compete in the world market.

Gun Control

Here we must follow the Constitution with common sense, such as Individual’s rights versus safety of the committee. We should allow each state to place on their ballot different options such as: training, background checks, licensing and other means concerning gun control

(Second Amendment: A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed).


Your Health! It’s components:Physical/Nutrition/ EmotionalYou are a spirit in a fleshly body. Are you taking care of yourself?

Health care starts with the individual being better educated and then getting preventative medicine checkups to prevent major health issues. I believe that Healthcare and Education is a right, not a privilege. However I believe it begins at State Level with the increase of a 1% sales Tax paying for Medicaid which allows those not being taken care of to be given required treatment. Many assembles claim they are there to help the poor, but yet they do not understand the act of charity. By spreading the cost of Medicaid through sales tax reduces the states dependence on the Federal government which would allow each state to be a true Federalism.

Homeland Security

I am against profiling for national security such as having race, color and creed on their drivers license. Because of profiling our society has turned against different races, creed, color and religion and has separated us from each other as Americans. I do believe that expanding our National Guard by downsizing federal Homeland Security, and educating the public through awareness programs can secure our boarders. I do not believe building walls and separating us from other countries will prevent terrorists. Building a wall creates friction between us and other countries. In addition, we cannot isolate ourselves from allowing others to know we will defend our rights of freedom. Russia, China and other Countries have tried to build walls to contain themselves from outside intervention only to find they

stopped their own growth. By building a stronger Army, bringing back the draft and re-educating our children will we take our position as a strong united country.


Both Liberal and Conservative viewpoints can be achieved by passing the HR 25, fair tax Law by allowing churches and assembles to be more involved in the community. Elimination of the IRS (HR 25) Immigration policies will become a lesser issue when HR 25 is passed, consumption tax will make money from everyone who buys anything To promote freedom, fairness, and economic opportunity by repealing the income tax and other taxes, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, and enacting a federal national sales tax to be administered primarily by the States.

Private Property

I believe this speaks for itself.

Fourth Amendment: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the personas or things to be seized.”

Religion & Government

The conservative wins hands down here.

First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The real issue is that Churches, and the people, believe that they lose the freedom of speech when the organization becomes a not for profit, or 501(C3) and these organizations will not promote political candidates that support the biblical teaching of their individual faith.

Same-sex Marriage or Civil Union

Before the repealing of “don’t ask don’t tell,” I wrote an article concerning discrimination.

Up until 1993, homosexuality was banned completely and yet the other infractions were acceptable. This article is not about what is morally correct or incorrect but it is about, who we should discriminated against. Hitler chose to discriminate against the Jewish people and in our own history we have discriminated against not only the African American’s but we have read about the Irish, the Catholic, the Jewish, the Japanese and the American Indian. We have written laws protecting the rights of all people,

yet again we are focusing on other groups. If a Government wants to be judgmental and replace the will of the people over the will of God by selecting one group, should they not also read the Bible concerning adultery, fortification, infidelity, and drunkenness? I would like to take a stand on behalf of what constitutes a marriage and a civil union. A marriage, according to the Bible, is between one man and one woman where a civil union is not covered by the Bible and it is and can be legally binding according to the will of the people. This issue should not be forced upon religious organizations to go against their belief, but because two individuals who wish to be joined together can be legally be joined together by a state certificate giving both parties the same rights as a man and woman would have in a marriage by a church. If a church decides, without force, because of their belief, to marry these same two individuals, this decision has to be left up to that particular establishment.

Social Security

Social Security is in financial trouble because of mismanagement and the reallocation of funds. Because today our seniors live a longer life, Social Security is now paying out more than what is being brought in. A solution would be that all children under 13 would not receive or be eligible for Social Security until they are 70 years of age. The current generation would be grandfathered in and this age increase would become effective upon each state voting on it during a presidential election.


I do not believe that we can function as a free country with the IRS, but have to pass the fair tax law HR25.

H.R. 25: Fair Tax Act of 2011


To promote freedom, fairness, and economic opportunity by repealing the income tax and other taxes, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, and enacting a national sales tax to be administered primarily by the States.

United Nations (UN)

I agree with the conservative view point that the USA has overstepped its responsibility to World peace because the UN has not fulfilled its role of intervention to insure international peace. The cost to the USA for being a member of the UN exceeds six billion dollars and even that money has not gained the USA a voice at the table with Russia and China vetoing action which the majority of UN members agree with. It is soon expected that the world legal and financial decisions will no longer be a choice of the American people and we will be subject to international laws. The loss of our freedom goes against our constitutional rights and if we do not take action at the voting booth we will lose or freedom of speech, religion and right to bear arms. The reasoning behind politicians supporting the UN is to move us more to a socialist country.

War on Terrorism

It appears with recent events that the liberals or Democrats have shifted their position to internal spying on all Americans and our allies. A strong arm force, increase in man power and the return of the draft is the only way to return America to a force that other countries and our enemies would not want to see happen. The current political system has weakened the USA and has created an atmosphere of terrorism by having ready armed forces and the understanding that troops on the ground win wars and hold the enemy at bay. Since the reduction of our military and the enrichment of manufactured weapons, we have lost the respect of all nations to include our allies. As a retired Master Sergeant, a Viet Nam Veteran and a plans officer in the Army, I understand that a well-trained Army backed by Generals who understand troops on the ground, is the only way to fight Terrorism. Our borders will only be secured when our enemies understand we will not only search them out, but we will go to the cause to treat the problem.


The only way to decrease welfare is to educate, empower and employ our young. Currently we are working on a program which will train our citizens to earn a better income and to survive. A hands on training along with on the job training, teaching by using a hybrid school system where online, classrooms and parents are working jointly to reduce poverty and the interaction of the assemblies, regardless of their doctrine. The amount of regulations prohibiting the religious organization from feeding, clothing and sheltering the population, has a greater cost to the Government which is leading us to a socialist nation. We certainly will always have those that have need for our help but that number can be reduced and become manageable with proper training

Charles Frederick Tolbert Div.M, Ed.M, Ed.D

Copy Editor, Vilet Dye…


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