Dictionary online (n.d.) states, “Libertarian” is defined as “a person who advocates liberty, especially with regard to thought or conduct.” A true libertarian should be a mediator defending the constitution and principles of US Constitution. Visual Thesaurus identifies Libertarian as follows:


exponent advocator
Vallentyne (2012) found that Libertarianism is attractive because (1) it provides significant moral liberty of action, (2) it provides significant moral protection against interference from others, and (3) it is sensitive to what the past was like (e.g., what agreements were made and what rights violations took place). Vallentyne also found…. It faces, however, the serious objection that it gives too much protection from interference and not enough attention to making the future better (e.g., by meeting people’s basic needs, making people’s life’s better, or promoting equality). As with all prominent moral and political theories, the overall assessment of libertarianism is a matter of on-going debate (Vallentyne, 2012). According to Charles F. Tolbert Ed.D. , this would be counterproductive as an obligation of or mediator is to find a way for democratic, republican, other political parties to agree to a middle ground of cooperation an agreement to further the health welfare and prosperity of the American.
Libertarian Non-Party Affiliation (NPA) approach to politics could help win over young voters as well as moderates and independent voters. Doctor Tolbert’s ideas are more of a libertarian NPA approach to life, and he thinks that a lot of young people are attracted to the NPA could grow if we accept something more than the cookie cutter conservatives in the past.
If in fact politician need to be categorized and one would want to place Doctor Tolbert in a category as a libertarian. He would like to defend what he stands for.
One who takes immediate action that would present immediate anchor of assets and defend the US Constitution.
An Apostle is one who is given a new assignment by God an advocate biblical instructor and defender, life liberty and justice regardless of race, creed, color, religion or sexual preferences.
One who stands behind and presents propositions that is acceptable to the majority of citizens.
In conclusion, our mission is to defend the constitution, improve the world and Christians’ view of Americans and to protect the rights of all the Americans regardless of race, creed, color or sexual orientation.

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