Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD CFABANP
Candidate For U. S. Senate Florida 2016


To establish a condition which will enable and allow U.S.A. manufacturers to compete with foreign imported products. To manufacture at least 62 to 72 percent of non-essential items sold in the United States on American soil until such time that the Fair Tax bill HS25/S296 is modified and passed.



The meaning of nonessential is described as: products not required for basic survival. The number of these items we purchase every day is staggering beyond one’s imagination. Furthermore to base our livelihood on tourism, service industries and continued technological advances, which may be ready for market in the near future is absurd, and unrealistic. Using this agenda, sitting and waiting, we are essentially waiting for the rest of the world to NEED us. This is not any way to turn our economy around. Our exports principally involve agricultural, agricultural equipment, military equipment and automobiles.

To remain solvent and secure we have to manufacture the majority of products sold in this country on American soil. Regardless of the fact, the nonessential products will cost a little more. Those who are either protecting their own position or lack “street smarts” will say Americans are hurting now, it cannot be done. With that kind of thinking, they could be part of a mathematical group that scholastically placed the United States number twenty six. In the world “Production”, China ranks number one. Remember, money re-circulated within the country produces the foundation for expansion. The object is to attract investment by those who have money in opposition to our government borrowing from countries selling us products. Once in business, owners will inevitably develop new products, many suitable for exportation. All of which generates higher paying jobs and benefits.

The equal opportunity manufacturing program insures stability of product pricing. In other words, cost will not be affected by the non competitive labor of other countries.


Failure to recognize imports far exceeding exports is inexcusable. Political parties and elected personnel steering clear of issues that might affect their future is not acceptable. Since when can a family, company or country continually spend more than it produces? Our annual trade deficit has progressively escalated for many years. In 2010 the deficit exceeded the highest amount recorded in our history. In fact we are outsourcing our military to private security companies whose main objective is to make a profit, not to defend our country.

The political position of other countries could change at any moment. Energy and transportation may be delayed or discontinued at anytime. Last but not least, it is understood that an unfavorable percentage of our military equipment or parts are also manufactured in other countries. This places our armed forces in a highly vulnerable precarious position. We should be very proud of our military. Keep in mind that every soldier depends on teamwork for survival. Failing to do our part by supporting home based manufacturing could result in non military personnel having to deter insurgents at our back door.

Yes, there are benefits with free trade, greater stability, understanding and generally an improved level of security. It’s better than trying to buy an alliance by giving money away, “in moderation” also applies. We must remember, moderation as measured by the rich, would be greater than that measured by the middle class and poor.

Visit several of your local retail establishments. Check labels for country of origin. No leader, council, senator, congressman or citizen in service of his or her country should have ever allowed import goods to far exceed an equitable level. Common sense suggests no more than 28 to a maximum of 38 percent of that which we use, not 85 percent manufactured in other countries. Today we suffer high unemployment and economics because of our lack of attention to protect our land and family. Now, we as Americans fear the end of the year when we have to fill out our tax forms only to pay the Government (city, state and federal) approximately forty percent of our income.

Whether well-to-do, average, or working pay check to pay check, we are all owners, partners, and stockholders in this country. If we fail to use common sense, others worldwide will reap the rewards. Is losing that which our predecessors built, protected with life and limb and freedom important to you? Stop for one moment! If you are not already experiencing that which you never expected, imagine your family living with the consequences. Wondering where the next meal is coming from and forced to live under government control. We are teetering on the brink of no return. Prompt action is required to reverse this condition. This should include the restructuring of our educational, health care and how we pay taxes.


Our system of government, with all of its shortcomings, has outlasted every other political regime in spite of ourselves. The attempt to do what is right must be respected by a higher authority or we would have failed a long time ago. Our constitution was written by individuals honestly concerned with life, liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness. Since then elected personnel added many laws. Some serve the good of mankind, while others were designed to benefit a limited number of citizens because of our tax laws.

More recently changes in policy and regulations or lack of enforcement, enabled irresponsible actions within the financial industry. Terrorism and military response as well as the unsupported debt of American citizens further escalated economic instability. “The American Dream” has been reduced to a struggle or for survival for millions of families because of business outsourcing due to our tax requirements.

Like other societies the world over, we have jeopardized the future of our country by failing to stress the importance of family values.

What comes first?


Personal satisfaction

Power or the unit of which we are a part.

Early settlers opposing the original inhabitants of this land learned a valuable lesson. The tribe functioned as a democracy. Supporting the Nation meant protecting the land, community and family. This knowledge carried forward for generations. This allowed each state to govern themselves as a Federation. We worked as one Nation to provide for the good for all Americans.

The industrial revolution altered our concept of existence whereby the pioneer spirit slowly diminished. It changed from teaching our children basic fundamentals, such as: how to survive, make and repair things; to expecting finished goods, one might say, “on a silver platter.” In addition there is a lack of desire for the younger generation to protect and defend this Federation (Individual States joined together to defend the rights of the whole.)

Striving to produce a better life for our children reflects good sound logic. It also leads, however, to self indulgence as well as living beyond our means. Goods and services could be purchased without saving. This condition frequently results in divorce with offspring suffering the consequences. Working parents ultimately passed on the responsibility of teaching their children to public and private schools. To fill the shoes of a good, loving mother and/or father and function as an enthusiastic educator is close to impossible, which has now lead to the destruction of family values, traditions and a skilled labor force.

Instructors are historians, stimulating young minds to store and recall that which humans have discovered. The vast majority of teachers have little or no experience in physical implementation of that which they pass on to our children. Furthermore, it is difficult to avoid influencing students with their own opinions. This could be good or bad, but without firsthand experience more than likely it will produce marginal results. Without families passing on “Street smarts” as it may be referred to today (that is practical knowledge or an apprenticeship) decisions frequently lack foresight. In history, each generation passed on to the next the concept that a university degree was the key to “the American Dream”. The rethinking and restructuring of how our children are taught has changed their perception of values and traditions.

Today many of our children are part of the work force and a large portion searched for avenues of personal gain regardless of how it might affect their brethren. The essential foundation, upon which this country was built fell by the wayside. Creativity no longer meant using local talent and resources within our country. It could be purchased for less in other parts of the world. Contributing to this dilemma included corporate taxes, environmental protection issues and employee unions. This either forced local companies manufacturing similar products to follow suit or go out of business. Manufacturing currently represents a small percentage of our economy. Astonishing, yes! Therefore who is responsible for overbearing unemployment and poor economic conditions?


Advance economic freedom and opportunities for all. It’s time to restore America’s economic freedom as documented in the Index of Economic Freedom.

Promote trade and prosperity. Trade agreements must promote economic freedom – not big government.

Improve small and start-up businesses. Access to the capital needed to grow and create jobs. Reduce the regulatory burdens on small public companies.

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
Citizen For A Better America Party of Florida
For U.S. Senate Florida 2016

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