MANIFESTO The New Political Party (Citizens For A Better America, CFABA)

Citizens For A Better America National Party is seeking an NPA or Independent Party attorney that will file lawsuits against the State of Florida on behalf of the citizens for violation of the US constitution. The three major issues:

1- Concerning English only

2- The Primary is to be open

3- A convicted felon who has served their time should get their voting rights back.

Please contact Dr. Charles Tolbert at:

The question asked of all American citizens is; why should we form the major political party Citizens For A Better America. The answer can be found in a TV movie about a horse named Sea Biscuit. This may not seem relevant, but the horse was untrained, misused and miss guided. There was a rich person who saw potential in a trainer that no one else thought was able to do a good job.
The trainer saw the potential in the horse, but no one could ride Sea Biscuit. The trainer later saw a young man that others had rejected and the man became a friend of the horse. The rest of the story is history. You can Google and read about this horse, this jockey, and this trainer.

We now have the opportunity to help underlings in the American middle-class who are disappearing. The American people have been assimilated into a non-identity and politicians have rejected the Constitution.

Somewhere there is a young unknown attorney that will be part of the next major political change in America. This person will represent America and the new challenges as Citizens For A Better America correct all the wrongs of our politicians.

You may find after reading this, you are this person.

Please respond so that we can bring The United States of America back to the power it once was, as you become part of this major change and organization of the new political party, Citizens Of A Better America National Party.

God bless.

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD,5143.1&SUIH=fSJu_W7BZ7MRMNbJ0ftrig&redir=aHR0cDovL3d3dy5mbHNlbmF0ZS5nb3YvZGF0YS9QdWJsaWNhdGlvbnMvMjAwMC9TZW5hdGUvcmVwb3J0cy9pbnRlcmltX3JlcG9ydHMvcGRmLzAwLTM2ZWUucGRm

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Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
Write in Candidate For U. S. Senate Florida 2016
P. O. Box. 740025
Orange City Florida 32774



Our forefathers wrote; “a two-party system will cause America to fail.” In addition, God is mentioned several times in the United States Constitution. The United States Constitution is to be enforced by the three branches, unfortunately this is not being done. For this reason, there’s a need for a third major political party, “Citizen For A Better America.” There are Democrats and Republicans who have been around for 80 years and to this day do not understand the United States Constitution. For this reason, we Citizens Of A Better America National Party must adhere to the constitution and remove individuals from office who are not enforcing the rights our forefathers gave us.

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD for United States Senate Florida 2016
The new political party, Citizens For A Better America National Party CFABANP

The New Political Party

The Founding Fathers Tried to Warn Us About the Threat From a Two-Party System

John Adams:

There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.

George Washington agreed, saying in his farewell presidential speech:

Without looking forward to an extremity of this kind, (which nevertheless ought not to be entirely out of sight,) the common and continual mischief’s of the spirit of party are sufficient to make it the interest and duty of a wise people to discourage and restrain it.

There is an opinion, that parties in free countries are useful checks upon the administration of the Government, and serve to keep alive the spirit of Liberty.

There are big challenges in the forming of a “New Major Political Party.” “Citizens For A Better America” (CFABA) is in the process of selecting a Treasurer, Chief Executive Officer, Assistant Executive Officer and a Secretary. Currently the Manifesto is being written. The first pages can be found on our website;
Our website shows we are taking action against Congress, the President of the United States and the State governments for not upholding the United States Constitution.
Charles Frederick Tolbert is a candidate for the US Senate of Florida 2016, and his main concern is not whether He becomes the next senator, but to bring God back to America.
If you want to bring America back in line with our Constitution, please support and donate to the third major political party:
P O Box 740025
Orange City Florida 32774
Citizens For A Better America (CFABA)
Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD

And I applied my heart to seek and to search out by wisdom all that is done under heaven. It is an unhappy business that God has given to the children of man to be busy with” (Ecclesiastes 1:13).

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD


A country is at its best when the bonds between people are strong and when the sense of national purpose is clear. Today the challenges facing THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (U.S.A.) are greater than realized by its citizens. Our economy is overwhelmed by debt. Our social fabric is frayed. Our political system has betrayed the people and God has been removed as the three branches disregard the CONSTITUTION.

But these problems can be overcome if we pull together, work together, and remember that we are all in this together. Some politicians say, ‘give us your vote and we will sort out all your problems.’ We say, ‘real change comes not from government alone.’ Real change comes when the people are inspired and mobilized, and when millions of us get involved and play a part in the nation’s future. Yes, this is ambitious. Yes, it is optimistic. But in the end, all the Acts of the THREE BRANCHES: EXECUTIVE, LEGISLATIVE and JUDICIAL, all the new measures, all the new policy initiatives, are just politician’s words without you and your involvement.

How will we deal with the debt crisis unless we understand that we are all in this together?

How will we raise responsible children unless every adult plays their part?

How will we revitalize communities unless people stop asking ‘who will fix this?’

Start asking ‘what can I do?’ The United States of America will change for the better when we all pray together, elect to take part, take responsibility and thank God for His intervention. Collective prayer will overpower our problems.

Only together can we get rid of this government, and eventually its debt.

Only together can we get the economy moving.

Only together can we protect the rights of the people and the States, improve our schools, and mend our broken society.

Together we can even make politics and politicians work better. If we can do that, we can do anything. Yes, together we can do anything.

So our invitation today is this; join us to form a new kind of government, a third major political party for the people, by the people who first believe in GOD, CITIZENS FOR A BETTER AMERICA (CFABA)

Habakkuk 2;2
Then the Lord answered me and said, “Record the vision and inscribe it on tablets, that the one who reads it may run.”

Citizens for a Better America, Inc.
CEO of CFABA, Inc.

Charles Frederick Tolbert Div.M, Ed.M, Ed.D
Retired MSGT

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