Our goal is to restore the heritage of descendants

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
Candidate For U. S. Senate Florida 2016
P. O. Box. 740025
Orange City Fl 32774
Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD for Senator Florida 2016.
Our goal is to restore
the heritage of descendants of European immigrants who, along with black inventors
like Granville T. Wood and Elijah McCoy, built America.

Our goal is to restore the heritage of descendants

The heritage of Europeans from countries like England, Germany, Poland, Ireland,
Russia and several others, is being usurped by federal immigration laws. These laws allowed
invaders from Latin America, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico and other Hispanic areas to
come to America illegally according to the U. S. Constitution. Technically, under
Article IV, Section 4, Individuals arriving under federal laws are not immigrants, they are
invaders. And as invaders are not entitled to be in America, or to use the resources there of.

The laws that have been passed by the federal government gives these illegal immigrants
carte blanche over American citizens. In many areas, Americans must be bilingual
to get a job. Why are Americans being required to use Spanish when it is against the US Constitution?

Bilingual is a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and EEOC Title VII that says
race, creed, color or national origin cannot be used against citizens of America
for any reason. It is discrimination, yet the Hispanics get away with it and control
the job market. This has led to Americans not being employed even though it was
their ancestors who invented everything the Neo-Hispanic, Mexican, Latino and Cuban,
movement wants to take over. History will show, they never invented anything. They
are in America because of invasion during the Drug Cartel wars in America. And
Democratic laws are written to bring them votes.

Now we have Marco Rubio talking about running for President. He is not eligible to
be president because his parents were not citizens. A person must be natural born
to be president. Rubio is not natural born. His existence was not acknowledged
until he was six years old. He needs to produce birth certificates of American birth
for himself and his parents.

As a member of Citizens for A Better America, Dr. Tolbert continues to
fight to restore the heritage of the European’s descendants.

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD CFABA
for Senator FL 2016

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