A leader empowers all employees (the people)

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
Citizens For America
Write-in For Senator Florida 2016
Citizens for a Better America, INC,

The republican/democrat party and their electoral college is just like the EPA,IRS,FDA and all government departments,the 2 parties and their electoral college are government agencies.There are no political parties or a “college” that serves only the 2 parties and none of the many other political parties and npa independent voters.

A leader empowers all employees (the people)

Retired MSGT, Dr Tolbert as a leader selects empower and teaches the people. A leader empowers all employees (the people) . The two-party system does not have a leader, what it has is an incorporation of a group of individuals to serve their own purpose.
Dr Tolbert received a multitude of different accommodations and medals, many generals came up to him and he said,”he could not do this without the soldiers’
.the general said “sergeant if you were not a leader they would not have done this”!
We need to be aware of the fact a leader is the one that follows the needs of the people!
A leader has to know the the mission, gather the people and accomplish the task at hand. The leader has to empower employ the people of Florida with the major task, educate defend, produce empower an employee the people.
Remember Moses never lead until he was 80 it was based on his past and input of God, it was his father-in-law that taught him how to lead
To paraphrase a comment on my site
“Above all else, the Governorship of Florida requires someone with thousand of hours of hands-on management experience with complex problems.”
In addition to this the governor of Florida has to be honest forthright and know the needs of the people first. In the Bible it says a man should be paid for what he’s worth. Our current governor is living off $200 million that he got prior to being the governor and is being paid nothing for being a governor. He is being paid for what he is worth, since he is not being paid for an honest days work.

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD NPA
Write-in candidate for Senate Florida

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