League of women

League of women

Not one US Presidential candidate, US Senate candidate, or any candidate that run for office in Florida has taken a position or showed their objectives, which protects our rights under The first amendment, amendment 10 and the 14th Amendment. Dr.

+Dr Tolbert was the only candidate that has degrees in education theology and is a retired Master Sergeant!

The following articles are to be found on:

*Voting rights violations of the 18% population of our senior citizens

The State of Florida has taken away the voting rights of 100 years young Miriam E. Lancaster.

*The Restructuring of the veterans administration

Evaluation and recommendation of the Veterans Administration (VA) Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD retired Master Sergeant u

*The Unconstitutionality of redistricting

The Constitution Today: Redistricting

*The violation of amendment 10 Department of education and the closing of common core

COMMON CORE (why should we find another solution)

*Florida is in violation of the US Constitution concerning open primaries and felons rights to vote after they serve their time

Open primary and antitrust violations

*The lack of information concerning the harm of passing the marijuana law

Should marijuana be legalized? Why and why not?

The plagiarizing candidates plagiarized “Bring Jobs Home Made in America,” written and sent to all the 50 states in 2010 by Dr Charles Tolbert

Project: Bring Jobs HOME; MADE IN AMERICAi

*The article concerning immigration and how the federal government has violated the 10th amendment and how Congress must either pass a bill declaring illegal immigrants invaders or establish state immigration policies as per the Constitution amendment 10

Nationality Act of 1952 (The McCarran-Walter Act) Dr. Tolbert has prepared the following information:

The States have lost their authority to the federal government because our governors do not understand the constitution.

*The articles written and sent to presidential candidates, Virtual Reality Visas,” and their plagiarizing without giving credit to citizens for America

Mr. Trump: Please consider changing the phrase, “building a border around America” to “virtual reality visas.”

*Election fraud has been rampant throughout America and our voting machines are owned by the Romney family and your vote does not count

Subject: Voting machine fraud

* Citizens For America is the only organization that filed antitrust violations against the Democrats and Republicans

Open primary and antitrust violations

* Dr. Tolbert was a Write-in candidate, and is the only candidate who has posted a resume of his qualifications objectives and how to protect America

Charles Frederick Tolbert Ed.D. Resume

*Other candidates running for office will utilize his objectives to enhance their own election because of their receiving donations from major businesses

*The candidate Rubio is an anchor baby born in 1971 where as his parents did not get naturalized until 1975 and he is never been naturalized therefore is not eligible to be a US Senator nor a presidential candidate

The reason for filing this grievance, concerning Marco Rubio being a non-national citizen

*The rights of the states under a federalism and sovereign state 10th amendment

According to the Constitution what are the State rights?

*The rights of a mother and father under the first amendment, the 10th amendment and the 14th amendment, concerning abortion should doctors determine that the fetus may cause harm or possible death to the mother if she carries the baby to term

The question concerning abortion! part-one

Write-in TOLBERT for
US Senate Florida 2016 NPA
CFA Citizens For America
Citizens for a Better America, Inc.
Charles Frederick Tolbert BS, DivM, EdM, EdD

Retired MSGT
Copy Editor… Vilet Dye,

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