Open primary and antitrust violations


Open primaries is the law of the land in the US Constitution.The 24th Amendment says the right of citizens to vote in ANY Primary or other election (general) shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or ANY Other State.There went the lie we have practiced of the States being in charge of the elections or the option to have open or closed primaries.

There is no “electoral college” in the US Constitution. The 24th decrees the citizen votes for the electors and the electors vote in 1 election for the V.P. and the one with the most numbers wins or if a tie vote it goes to the US Senate to be settled. Then the electors vote for the Pr. in a 2nd election, again the one with the most numbers wins and it goes to the US Senate if there is a tie to be settled. The language makes clear there is no top 2 candidate in the primaries determined for the general election.

The primaries are not an exclusive process or event owned by democrat and republican 2 party system. Political parties can choose the candidates that will represent their party by any form of delegate system,draw straws, flip coins, foot races or any process the parties want to use as private groups.But the Primaries are the right of the citizen, guaranteed in the US Constitution.

The 24th Amendment was given to stop once and for all, the Jim Crow vote laws. The amendment ended the practice of paying a poll tax.A Tax is a condition. The condition to be a registered as democrat or republican to participate is a tax.

Article 2. states the US Congress is to enforce this article with appropriate legislation. Not give the elections to the States. Times,Manners and Places is the only responsibility the States are given.That is a logistical duty. It is a US Constitution, US Races and a US Congress charges with Shall. This is confirmed in Article 2. Section 3.,the 12th and 23 Amendments. If elected, will you seek to restore the Constitutional right of the citizen to vote in the entire election process ?

Dear Mr. Tolbert,

Thank you for contacting the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. We have your information on file and should the legal staff need further information, they may contact you in the future.

We appreciate your interest in the enforcement of federal antitrust laws.


Citizen Complaint Center
Antitrust Division
Department of Justice

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Sent: Friday, July 22, 2016 7:57 AM
To: ATR-OPS Citizen Complaint Center
Subject: Dr Tolbert

Currently the Democrat and Republican political parties are in violation of the antitrust laws many American people have been dumbed down by the mass media and the political organizations

Was a candidate for US Senate Florida 2016 NPA
CFA Citizens For America

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
Retired MSGT
The two party system goes against the constitution.

Cruz and other Senators currently have voted claiming they know the constitution.

If you review their voting record you will conclude they do not follow biblical doctrine.

Dr Tolbert is a Pastor, Doctor of education and retired military.

He teaches the constitution and he understands we are a federalism and a nation governed by Sovereign States.

Dr Tolbert was a candidate for US Senate and one person can make a difference

Resume of Dr. Charles Tolbert sent to Donald Trump

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