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Memorial Day 2017 – What did they Fight and Die for?

Memorial Day 2017 – What did they Fight and Die for?
Memorial Day Special – What did they die for? Is this the America they sacrificed their lives for? Tribute to th…

Thank you,
Sally Baptiste

Sally I want to introduce Tamlin Allbritten

Hello, I would like to be the guest speaker about the veterans along with you and I. She has a lot to add on how to solve a tactile issue and emotional issues that veteran have.

Great! The greatest gift we can give on memorial day is not only to those who have passed but also to those who became disabled, either emotionally or physically, and who kept America free. If any questions, please call Tamlin or myself.

Dr Tolbert

Begin forwarded message:

From: Tamlin Allbritten
Date: May 28, 2017 at 2:52:18 PM EDT
To: “Dr. Tolbert” ,
Cc: Vilet Weaver
Subject: Tamlin’s intro. & talking points

I am thrilled you support my mission to empower veterans through the creative process, and I am looking forward to tomorrow night’s radio talk show.
Here is the “elevator intro” you may want to post before the broadcast:

Tamlin Allbritten, “Expressive Art Specialist” has written a Veteran’s art
curriculum, facilitated 6 weeks of classes, and has proven that ART is a powerful
tool in expressing yourself.
The pilot study in June of last year proved that Tamlin’s art curriculum improved
the veterans mindset, their level of self-awareness, and overall well-being…
by 50%.
It is Tamlin’s mission to get this ART with a Purpose curriculum out to as many
veterans, their families and care givers as possible. Anyone can facilitate these
classes because her workbook is in a lesson plan format.
If you want to learn more about Tamlin, and the other art curriculums she has
created, you can go to

Talking points: (for radio show)
1.) What is an Expressive Art Specialist? How is it different from Art Therapy?
2.) Have you worked with different populations or written other curriculums?
3.) What is your mission?
4.) Were the vets in the Wm.F.Green Veteran’s Home pilot-study open to doing art?
5.) How did you measure/calculate their progress?
6.) What are your hopes for this ART with a Purpose curriculum?
7.) Can anyone facilitate these art classes? How?
8.) Contact info?

​Looking forward to tomorrow night.
Respectfully and with great intent,
Tamlin Allbritten
(772) 224-4403​

Please visit my websites​​​​:
ART with a Purpose for VETERANS
Art With a Purpose Books
Sudy’s Triumph
I Have A Dream (

What is the purpose of the veterans administration?

Quicker VA Processes, Veterans Psychiatric Reform Rights…

Evaluation and recommendation of the Veterans Administration (VA) Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD retired Master Sergeant u

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
Retired Master Sergeant Vietnam veteran

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