Americans must not trust the political rhetoric being reported as facts from the news media. It is not honest reporting!!!!

The question is why does the press only talk about democrats and Republicans?

H.R. 25: Fair Tax Act of 2011

Articles on Social Security and individuals that want to maintain its legality do not explain the constitutional violation of our rights and excise tax placed on a retirement program that contradicts the Constitution.

When you vote in the 2018 election for the president or United State senate, ask yourself three questions: Did the candidate serve our country and risk his/her life to protect our freedom? Does the candidate have an education concerning how to teach the children of tomorrow? Does the candidate represent the views of 92% of Americans that believe in God? Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD, pastor, retired MSGT and Vietnam veteran For US Senate Florida Citizens for A Better America (CFABA)

Americans must not trust the political rhetoric being reported as facts from the news media. It is not honest reporting!!!!

Ask Fox News and/or The Blaze about this…..
“Rubio has been one of the most ardent champions for increasing Muslim migration. The U.S. has admitted roughly 1.5 million migrants from Muslim countries since 9/11 on a permanent lifetime basis. Yet Rubio has sought to grow that number vastly. In 2015, Rubio introduced an immigration bill which would have allowed for an unlimited increase in Muslim migration. ”
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Fact is….Marco Rubio is just as anti-American as the current POTUS! Rubio has always been pro-amnesty – check his Florida record as speaker of the FL house.

Rubio’s allegiance is to everything anti-American….like La Raza, massive H1B-Visa workers (cheap labor) to take jobs from Americans and destroy the U.S. economy, the Refugee Resettlement program – how much money are his pro-amnesty friends making off of this Muslim take-over of America program. Why does the founder and CEO of Melaleuca – Frank Vandersloot – a pro-amnesty billionaire endorse Marco Rubio? Why does Florida have more refugees than any other state? What is Marco Rubio doing to stop it….NOTHING!

Also…regarding his eligibility…..Marco Rubio was born on American Soil to two CUBANS…..THEY WERE NOT AMERICANS…..THE CAME TO AMERICA LEGALLY IN 1956 – NOTHING TO DO WITH CASTRO!


Marco Rubio is an ANCHOR BABY…..NOT A NATURAL BORN AMERICAN! We do not need another unconstitutional president! The current one is doing a good job of destroying America. We do not need more unconstitutional “leadership”.

“Rubio was born in Miami, Florida,[1] the second son and third child of Mario Rubio Reina[2] and Oriales (née Garcia) Rubio. His parents were Cubans who immigrated to the United States in 1956, prior to the rise of Fidel Castro in January 1959.[3] His mother made at least four trips back after Castro’s victory, including for a month in 1961.[3] Neither of his parents was a U.S. citizen at the time of Rubio’s birth,[4] but his parents applied for U.S. citizenship and were naturalized in 1975.[3]”

This American will NOT vote for any unconstitutional candidate! Save America….Elect

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
Write in (TOLBERT) for U S Senate Florida 2018 NPA
Retired MSGT

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