We the people for a better America

We the people for a better America
have a responsibility to defend our rights.
Few, if any individuals covered by the media have served this great nation by defending our rights of freedom.
It is not the federal, state or local government’s responsibility to feed the people in America. It is the responsibility of the Citizens to form a better America without lobbyist or government intervention. We the people, not the government have this responsibility.
• Just as businesses out source jobs to other countries, we the people have outsourced our children’s education; we have allowed the government to misinterpret the constitution. Consider a new school system.
• The two party systems have failed. We the people must form a new system. A third political party made up of citizens for a better America which would make government more competitive.
• Politicians have become richer at the expense of the poor and middle classes. No one serving the people should, while in a political office, benefit personally from the holding of such office that they were elected into for the purpose of serving the people.
• Citizens, stop supporting individuals with your time and money who are only running for office for their own political gain, but support those who will defend your constitutional rights of freedom to educate and teach your children your own ethical and moral standards.
It is about time that “we the people” stand up and use that what God gave us. Our future is derived from the use of that which we have learned. To believe in our current system of governmental operation would require re-writing history. Educating our children to spend everything we may have accumulated and counterfeit money to spend more. Create jobs that produce nothing and compensate everyone with play money. As simple as it is, our leaders should all be required to play the game Monopoly. Forgetting about basics and representing those who have superior judgment is a serious crime against you, me, our children and our forefathers.
Charles Frederick Tolbert (BS, Div.M., Ed.M., Ed.D., Retired MSGT.)
Was a Write in candidate NPA for U.S.Senate Florida 2016
Citizens for America CFA

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