Tea party questions West Palm Beach June 30, 2014

June 29, 2014

1. Do you support increasing taxes to help balance the state budget? no
I do not support higher taxes to balance budget but better oversight
Would higher taxes correct this problem or would more jobs be the solution?

2. Do you support decreasing spending to help balance the state budget? no
No services should be cut, but providing new and more jobs correct this problem. The Governor can work with the other branches and bring new business into Florida. Declining revenue is based on the lack of buying power, new jobs and more visitors will correct this problem.

3. Do you support cancelling Common Core requirements? Yes
. ( COMMON CORE (why should we find another solution) Charles Frederick Tolbert Ed.D. Abstract Any system which incorporates students testing and teachers’ evaluation misses the mark. Students learning are based on self-motivation which starts at home not at the school. Teachers can only teach a motivated student who wants to learn. While the writer was writing his dissertation on why do graduate students graduate it was determine that the soul factor was self-motivation. This can only be taught through parental involvement. The first problem is that because homes are no longer defined as a mother, father and children, but due to the increase of single parent families, children are not being given a reason to learn. Since the writer comes from a dysfunctional family where a sister committed suicide, father was never home and a mother who had to raise 4 children, he is aware of the problems that face this generation.
Common Core is a wonderful name, but its definition and implementation misses the mark. If you set a standard based on average grades, the top learners will be under educated, the below average will not be taught and will drop out of school. The cost of education must be reduced by initiating a hybrid school system, e-books and adaptation of parent, student and teachers, then more student will be motivated to learn. The investors should fund computers for every student, and printers for those who need to print their books for their particular learning style.) I have faced all the problems and have overcome them because of my belief. I have been given an assignment and I am prepared for the job. Although Florida’s Governor does not have the same power as Governors of other States, the Governor can influence the voters to vote for Senators who support education, heath, immigration and creation of jobs.

4. Do you support returning education authority and funding to the local school boards? yes

5. Do you support the HUD UN Agenda 21 sustainability program? Absolutely no

6. Do you support the U S constitution Article 5 Convention of Sates initiative to add amendment? Not at this time
Although 22 states have signed on to include Florida I would want to further review
“The lack of precedent, extensive unknowns, and considerable risks of an Article V amendments convention should bring sober pause to advocates of legitimate constitutional reform contemplating this avenue,” the report said. “We are not prepared to encourage state governments at this time to apply to Congress to call an amendments convention.

7. Do you support the National Popular Vote initiative to bypass the Electoral College? Yes

8. Do you support giving taxpayer loans or grants for the All Aboard Florida initiate? I believe more research is need
Opponents raised the issue of property values decreasing, pollution, older buildings being damaged by vibrations from the trains passing nearby and the potential discoloration of buildings near the tracks potential impacts, and although the reasoning is that the trip between Orlando and Miami would be reduced to three hours the impact on the economy needs to be evaluated before final approval, these studies have yet been present to the general public and should be voted on.

9. Do you support subsidizing green energy projects? yes

10. Do you support drilling for oil off the coast of Florida? no
I do not support drilling off the coast of Florida and believe there are alternate energy sources available which would provide jobs and keep the cost of energy down. (Florida could become an important producer of biofuels Florida Power & Light (FPL), a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, Inc., launched 3 solar power plants in 2009 and 2010, making Florida the second largest supplier of utility-scale solar power in the country Florida, is the first hybrid solar plant in the world. It’s connected to a conventional power plant and directly offsets the burning of fossil fuels…Florida is making significant investments in the research and development of biofuels, especially in the emerging science of making clean fuels from algae . Solar Energy Center found that Florida has 85 percent of the maximum solar energy potential of any place in the country, at 7.2 kilowatt-hours per day …As turbine technology advances, small-scale wind installations might make sense for homeowners or small businesses in windy areas, and future developments might also make offshore wind farms more feasible…..Florida livestock emit 19,000 tons of methane that could be captured to generate clean electricity [) There is more research needed and a committee should be formed which can present a more feasible solution.

11. Do you support changing state pensions from defined payment to defined contribution plans? Yes but only for new employees

12. Will you ensure that Florida honors the US Constitution’s 2nd Amendment? Yes
Would want review and on ballot registration and training requirements
Twenty-two Questions asked of Candidates with honest answers by Charles Frederick Tolbert write in candidate for Governor Florida 2014

Charles Frederick Tolbert NPA
Write in candidate for U.S. Senate Florida 2016

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