You asked “American Dream: What Does it Even Mean?”

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I am sending this video to you on behalf of 100 years young, Miriam E. Lancaster and myself. We are both in the attached video (see link). Miriam’s birth date is December 7, 1915. Just think about it….Miriam was only 4-5 years old when women finally got the right to vote. Miriam was 26 years old when Pearl Harbor was attacked. And now at the age of 100, Miriam has been degraded to a “Ward” of the State of Florida with basically no rights – not even the right to vote. I sincerely hope you will take 7 minutes to watch this video. It supports my belief “The American Dream is Near Death in 2016”.

You asked “American Dream: What Does it Even Mean?”

When I was growing the American Dream meant if you work hard, are honest and generous, live with honor, dignity, ethics and respect you will earn a wonderful life. You will earn the American Dream of safety and security. You can have the home of your dreams, travel the world, speak freely, elect the representation of your choice, live as you want to live as long as you do no harm to others. Live without fear. Be proud to be an American.

Now…..Let me introduce Miriam E. Lancaster…….

This video is proof the American Dream is almost dead. Miriam E. Lancaster, 100 years young and now a “Ward” of the State of Florida. I am sure Miriam never thought/believed she would end-up as a “Ward” with no rights in the United States of America. No American deserves to be treated this way. Every true-blooded American should be ashamed of the way Miriam is being treated. Completely ashamed!

Our corrupt government will give away billions of American tax dollars to anything, anyone and everything unAmerican, but will not do the right thing by Miriam E. Lancaster. Miriam has been denied her right to vote, she is now forced to live in confined quarters – watch this video and you will agree Miriam should not be forced to live this way.

The Sad fact is….Our corrupt government is a direct reflection of what “We the People” of America have become. Our culture has be corrupted to the point it has no identity and no values. Instead of seeking God, many have completed rejected God. To reject God is to reject America. No more “In God We Trust”. No more “One Nation Under God’. No more “God Bless America”. Where is America without God? What is the American Dream without God?

Bottom line….My reality of the American Dream has been much different than expected. YES! I have worked hard, lived an honest life, I have striven to do the right thing, to help others when I can and live a principled life. I have been engaged in the public forum for many years. I ran for local office – I thank God I was not elected. I was told many times “You are too honest for public office.” How sad is that??? Now, I look around and see the unethical individuals and crooks are rich and running over the honest people. The middle class that is/was the heart and soul of America is all but dead. I don’t know if I will ever be able to payoff my house/home or take a cross country tour. I don’t think I will ever be able to work enough to achieve my American Dream. I expect any day now, my government will take ownership of my property and whatever little money I may have. They do this not because I have not paid my bills, but because they “care about the people” and need to control the people for their own good. They will assign me my living quarters, maybe issue me a phone and as long as I do what they say, I will be allowed to exist.

I personally believe 95% of our elected civil servants are corrupt and should be in jail. Many are guilty of TREASON and should be IMPEACHED. Yes. The “T” word and the “I” word no one will say out loud. They are too corrupt to take action – they would have to impeach themselves for God’s sake!! Many unelected civil servants are equally corrupt. Then we have the lobbyists and special interests that feed these corrupt civil servants. This corruption is evil and unGodly. This evil is destroying America and the American Dream.

What is left of the American Dream in 2016? Does America still have a prayer? Do Americans have the courage and faith to do the right thing? I just don’t know. I sincerely hope and pray God has not vacated America yet and enough Americans have the courage and faith to do the right thing – this includes you Mr. Glenn Beck.

Please watch the 7 minute video and consider sending a letter to Miriam E. Lancaster at 830 29th Street, Orlando, FL 32805. Let Miriam know she is still an American, she is still human (not a Ward). This is 1.4 miles from the location of the recent terrorist attack.

Sally Baptiste
Orlando, Florida


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