Why is communism, socialism and Islamism allowed in America?

Why is communism, socialism , Islamism allowed in America?

Should communism and socialism have a freedom of speech if individuals suggest hostile action while they reside in America?

Recently Dr. Tolbert posted an article concerning Russia and China’s involvement in Venezuela on congressman Brian Mast’s Facebook page.

A gentlemen born in Russia who is currently living in WDC, Mr. Kissov, posted on his Facebook page the following…

“When will the streets run red with the blood of the non-believers? When Comrades!!!”

To read the article that Dr. Tolbert wrote, go to the following website…

The question to be asked, “Is Russia and China involvement in Venezuela a threat to the security of the United States?”

Dimitri Kissov’s comment was…
“Comrade!! All this propaganda about the Bolivarian paradise of Venezuela is all false!! The people of Venezuela have the best healthcare in the world courtesy of their fraternal socialist ally Cuba! All baby’s have milk there. No one dies from lack of care or starvation. Comrades Sean Penn and Oliver Stone are moving to Caracas to join in the wonderful inclusive nirvana that is being smeared by Trumpists!!
Dimitri Kissov”

Dr. Tolbert’s response was as follows…
“I will post your comments to my starving friends and churches in Venezuela and have them comment to you directly, God bless you.”

Under the First Amendment Mr. Kissov has a right to make the comment he made because he is living in the United States if he is in fact a legal US citizen.

If these comments were made in Russia, China or Venezuela, Mr. Kissov would have been investigated, incarcerated, deported or executed.

Should homeland security be properly headed and led by an individual who understands the constitution, there would be an insistence that Congress declares all illegal immigrants as invaders.

Upon the declaration that illegal immigrants are invaders, the states would no longer be responsible to feed, cloth and shelter illegal immigrants according to the 10th amendment.

Since under the 10th amendment, the states, under federalism, are responsible for securing their own borders and the acceptance of residency, the federal government under the naturalization act can only be responsible for naturalization after the individual resides legally in a state for seven years.

The question Christian Americans should be asking; “How does a Russian living in Washington DC proclaiming communism and socialism continue to reside in America and how does this relate to illegal immigration and Islam?”

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Charles Frederick Tolbert BS, DivM, EdM, EdD

Retired MSGT

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