War on terrorism, bring back the draft

War on Terror/Terrorism:

War on Terror/Terrorism

Charles F Tolbert EdD
Retired Master sergeant U.S. Army

A strong armed forces, increase in man power, and the return of the draft, is the only way to return America to a force that other countries and our enemies would not want to see happen. The current political system has weakened the USA and has created an atmosphere of terrorism. By having ready armed forces and the understanding that troops jon the ground win wars, will hold the enemy at bay. Since the reduction of our military and the enrichment of manufactured weapons, we have lost the respect of all nations including our allies. A well trained Army backed by Generals who understand troops on the ground is the only way to fight Terrorism. Our borders will only be secured when our enemies understand we will not only search them down, but that we will go to the cause and treat the problem.


The only way to decrease welfare is to educate, empower and employ our young. Currently we are working on a program which will train our citizens to earn a better income and survive. A hands on training along with on the job training, teaching by using a hybrid school system, where online classrooms and parents are working jointly to reduce poverty and the interaction of the assemblies, regardless of their doctrine. The amount of regulations prohibiting the religious organization from feeding, clothing and sheltering the population, has a greater cost to the Government which is leading us to a socialist nation. We will always help those that have need for our help, but that number can be reduced and become manageable with proper training

1. Congress must declare war before the military is deployed. America gets pulled into too many proxy wars because Congress doesn’t adhere to the Constitution. The United States hasn’t declared war since 1942. The last time one of our enemies surrendered was 1945. Putting “boots on the ground” is not declaring war.

2. Congress must identify America’s enemies. This includes calling radical Islamic terrorism, radical Islamic terrorism. The military fails at nation building because policing others is not its purpose.

3. Congress must overhaul the rigid promotion system in the military. Commanders should have the authority to promote subordinates based on merit. The military’s brain drain is a byproduct of government inefficiency.

4. Congress must reform the procurement and contracting process. Waste, fraud, and abuse are rampant in our military. Just because someone says it helps our military doesn’t mean it helps our military.

5. Congress can fight careerism in the military with pension reform. Our military needs a culture of candor. Pension reform safeguards against “yes men.”

7. Congress has the opportunity to improve military transition programs by integrating willing private sector entrepreneurs. America’s private sector needs the loyalty, commitment, problem solving, discipline, perseverance, respect, character, willingness to learn, punctuality, organization, and productivity of veterans.

8. We can fulfill a moral obligation and reverse the politics of Obamacare by reforming veterans’ healthcare. Demonstrate that individuals can make rational decisions and that free market solutions provide better care, are more cost effective, and are more responsive to the consumer. An effective veteran healthcare system also shows future military members that the American people will care for them if they sacrifice for their country. Congressional conservatives can (and should) win this issue today. This is the issue that will destroy progressivism in the United States. Go on offense.

Article I, Section 8, Clauses 11 to 18 was written by the Founding Fathers to ensure that a President did not (abuse his power as the president and executive office). That Article sets forth orders for Congressional power to override the President.

Under Article I, Section 8, clauses 11 to 18, Congress is required to establish a congressional army and navy and bring forth a militia. States can join the militia under congressional rules. The congressional army is to suppress insurrection and repel invasion.

Congress is supposed to issue warrants of arrest for practically every last Democrat/Republican in the U. S. House and U. S. Senate. They are to be charged with Insurrection, starting an invasion and Treason. They can also be charged with welfare fraud for giving entitlements to non-citizens in violation of the Treason laws in Article III, Section 3. Obama can be arrested for the same above reasons. The congressional army can march down the halls of the White House and arrest Obama for insurrection, Treason and invading America with immigrants.

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD – Retired MSGT

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Charles F TOLBERT was a candidate for
US Senate Florida 2016 NPA
CFA Citizens For America
Citizens for a Better America, Inc.
Charles Frederick Tolbert BS, DivM, EdM, EdD
Retired MSGT

Copy Editor: Vilet Dye…

Charles–very well said. I might suggest one additional requirement on our government. It is this, THAT NO ONE CAN SERVE AS THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE OTHER THAN A MILITARY VETERAN WHO HAS NOT ATTAINED THE RANK OF AT LEAST A FULL BIRD COLONEL. While the military is and should be subservient to the civilian leadership under our constitution, anyone who has not served in the military is incapable of understanding the ideological lessons learned without the OJT (On the Job Training) experiences only being on active duty can provide. There are too many lives to be lost by ineffective, unprincipled civilian leadership. Would anyone turn over command of a battleship to a civilian who has absolutely no concept or experience in the handling of a battleship? I rest my case.

Semper Fidelis
USMC ’53-’61
Bill, Chair, CP FL

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Charles Frederick Tolbert DivM, EdM, EdD, Pastor , Retired MSGT

Charles Frederick Tolbert DivM, EdM, EdD, Pastor , Retired MSGT
Citizen For America


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