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“Walking Your Vision.”

The questions written and unwritten is when do you know it is from God?

Joan of Ark was not recognized to be a true follow of God until 500 years after her death.

On May 30, 1431, at the age of 19, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake for her crimes against the English. In 1456, Pope Callixtux III declared that Joan was innocent of her crimes; at this time, she became a martyr. In 1909, Joan of Arc was beatified, which meant that she was accorded the power to intervene on behalf of those who prayed in her name. In 1920, she was canonized, which is an official declaration of Sainthood.

We all have been given assignments and many of us fear the “Consequences” of our obediences to God and the assignment given us.

When God instructed me to write, “Walking Your Vision,” it was a stepping stone to the foundation of God’s House.

I was called to bring God back to America, what is your calling?

Apostle Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
I believe in God And I Am A “Citizen For A Better America”,
DivM, EdM, EdD
Retired MSGT

He was a high school dropout, and failed the first and second grade. And in addition at 17 had to go in the army or go to jail.

He had two sisters who attempted suicide and one succeed.

Dr. Tolbert served 22 years in the military and is a retired Master sergeant.

He owned his own company and became a pastor in 1999.

He received a bachelors, two masters and doctorate degree between 1999 -2010.

Currently He is a candidate for United States Senate Florida 2016.

The following link is the book he wrote, “Walking Your Vision.” He used it from 1999 to present, to find his calling God had given him.

He has given out hundreds of thousands of books and it’s free online and can be given to anybody by just following this link and printed.

God bless

Apostle Charles Frederick Tolbert DivM, EdM, EdD
Retired MSGT

Candidate for us senate Fl 2016

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