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In recent months, we have seen Venezuela slip into complete chaos. Under the brutal and oppressive dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro, we have seen things go from bad to worse. Food and medicine shortages, violence on the streets and economic uncertainty.

We’ve also seen companies like General Motors, Bridgestone and General Mills scale back their operations in Venezuela. Recently, United Airlines also joined in this effort by announcing it will suspend flights to Venezuela next month.

It’s no wonder that these companies are pulling out of a country engulfed in violent political protests and economic chaos.

Venezuelans endure long lines to purchase basic necessities all while Maduro’s dictatorship blames companies for the country’s shortages. The Maduro regime continues to mismanage the country’s oil resources, has produced a swollen inflation rate and dismal exchange rate, leaving the Venezuelan people to deal with hardship and corruption.

This is not acceptable and we should not stand for these injustices to the Venezuelan people. The United States must stop doing business with Venezuela immediately.

Dr. Tolbert addressed this in January

Governor Scott as is the federal government, six months behind if not more.

We should have corrected this issue over 10 years ago

Dr Tolbert

The question to be asked, “Is Russia and China involvement in Venezuela a threat to the security of the United States?”

The question to be asked, “Is Russia and China involvement in Venezuela a
threat to the security of the United States?”

Included in the article is; what’s going on in Venezuela, what happened in the Cuban crisis and also in Haiti.

I have written several articles that combine data that is including culture requirements causing Russia and China to come into these countries because the United States is not helping these other nations.

For further articles written by Dr Tolbert please visit the following sites.–20150312-0020.html

In 1980 approximately 1.5 million Cubans came to America where as in 2010 we’re only talking about approximately 80,000 Haitians who are now being told to leave.

The Cubans who came in 1980 are now politicians who are protesting and calling for the impeachment of the president.

In the following links I discuss the Hispanic culture on child rearing practices and customs, gender identity, health care practices and customs, and the role of religion/spirituality and I will compare and contrast these with other West Indies Countries. It is also important to read the other articles. , — , .

Resume of Dr. Charles Tolbert sent to Donald Trump

The Government of Donald Trump will look for the transition to democracy in Venezuela.
Published: 23 January, 2017 / 7:52 am / section: News, politics– “The U.S. government. Uu. Along with other international actors will seek a transition to democracy in Venezuela, so said the new secretary of state of North America, Rex Tillerson.
In an interview for Latin America goes global, Tillerson considered a “calamity” lives in Venezuela and expressed the commitment of the government of Donald Trump to help to return to democracy in the country.”

—-Composition Ripened / Photos: Ucchile-Elestenoticias.
“I think we are in complete agreement with regard to the calamity that has happened in Venezuela, largely due to the incompetence and the dysfunction of your government-first, with Hugo Chavez, and now with his designated successor, maduro,”said “as well as we will also cooperate with multilateral agencies such as the organization of American States ( OAS ), the search for a negotiated transition to democracy in Venezuela,” added the new secretary of state in the administration of trump.
Pointed out that “at the end, it was rebuilt.” The political institutions, LED by brave defenders of democracy and human rights, which will pave the way for the type of reforms needed to put to Venezuela in the path of economic recovery”.
” We must continue to denounce anti-Democratic practices of mature. We should call for the release of political prisoners and strengthen sanctions to the violators of human rights in Venezuela and drug traffickers,” he emphasized.”—

Dr. Tolbert sent his resume to Donald Trump

Resume of Dr. Charles Tolbert sent to Donald Trump

On the Sunday January 22, 2017 God told Dr. Tolbert to work with the people in Venezuela and bring them to the understanding that God is standing up for them now and the transition will take place.

Dr. Tolbert is a pastor, Dr. Education and retired military. He would be the ideal choice for Donald Trump, as the President of the United States, to select Dr. Tolbert as the ambassador for Venezuela.

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