To educate produce and defend is why there is need for a professor of Dr. Tolbert’s caliber at your university.

Dr Tolbert sent his resume Jan 11, 2017 to Donald Trump keep him in your prayers

Resume of Dr. Charles Tolbert sent to Donald Trump


Dr. Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD, Retired Master Sergeant and a Pastor
300 E. Oakland Park Blvd # 132
Wilton Manors FL 33334
United States

Mr Donald Trump

Chairman, President, and CEO. c/o The Trump Organization, 725 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10022 USA Phone: 212-832-2000 Fax: 212-935-0141.

Dr. Tolbert This is a good resume. All of the Generals holding a position with the Trump Transition Team should get the chance to review your resume; the fact that they were vetted gives me some comfort in the Chief of Staff’s decision-making process.

Well the prayers and praises have gone up, let’s see what the Lord of Hosts says about it.

God bless you,

Dr. Tolbert is the idealized version of the American Politician and needs to have a Managerial-Advisor Position in the Trump Administration on Government Affairs of State.

Let us wish him well and to keep us up to date with his Public Business.

The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Salutation: Dear Mr. President

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD, For the Department of Education

For Professor or Dean of University/College

To educate produce and defend is why there is need for a professor of Dr. Tolbert’s caliber at your university.


God told me to send my resume to the President and educational organizations.
I haven’t been told His reasoning behind me providing this information to you.
I am an organizational effectiveness leader, a motivational speaker, educator, and a research analysis expert.

I, Dr. Tolbert, am a graduate from Nova Southeastern University, I received my doctorate degree in educational leadership and wrote my dissertation on “why do students graduate.” I concluded that regardless of friends, family, relatives or the University, the one factor for completion and receiving a degree is self-motivation.

I failed the first and second grade and was a high school dropout. Entering the army at 17, I retired after 22 years as a MSGT, owned my own company and became a pastor in 1999. I have a BS from University of Maryland, DivM from Logos University, EdM from American International University and a EdD from Nova Southeastern University.

I, Dr. Tolbert was a candidate for the president of the United States 2012, for the governor of Florida 2014 and for the United States Senate Florida 2016.

Dr. Tolbert is no party affiliated.










Charles Frederick Tolbert Ed.D. Resume

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