The violation of the US Constitution and the State constitution!

Subject: Absence of White House Spanish-Language Website Frightens Some Residents | Sunshine State News | Florida Political News

The violation of the US Constitution and the State constitution!

Why should we speak English or teach English?

In Miami you can not get a job unless you speak Spanish!

The Florida constitution states that English is our primary language.

Mayors in Miami are saying they can speak whatever language they want in the official Town hall meetings.

Donald Trump has removed Spanish translation of English from the White House.

Spanish is becoming the primary language of Florida.

Can a mayor violate the Florida constitution?

The increase of Spanish immigration will be expanding population in many of our states and transferring the power of the U.S. Constitution, the power of the state constitution to the lower courts and mayors which is violating the laws which are set by the Constitution.

The real question is, should we allow mayors to violate the Florida constitution?

Should we allow the governors of each state to violate the US Constitution?

It is really not about English or Spanish, it is about the violations of the constitution.

It is predicted by the year 2050 that the population shift will be to Hispanic and no longer European and African American.

There will also be a higher number of Islam. The increase will be from 1% to over 20%.

The issues facing America over the last 50 years have been caused by the failure of not following or enforcing the constitution. Examples are: the loss of education, production and defense which were provided by the Europeans and not our current immigrants.

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
Retired MSGT

Copy Editor Vilet Dye…

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