The State of American Healthcare in 2016 with Special Guest Rick Bailey

The State of American Healthcare in 2016 with Special Guest Rick Bailey

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How has the “Affordable Care Act” (aka Obamacare) affected your overall well-being? Healthcare Professional Rick Bailey will share the facts about healthcare in America in 2016.

Rick Bailey founder of Rick Bailey & Company. “Rick Bailey & Company, Inc. started in 1978 as Rick Bailey & Associates. What started out as one man’s dream and single-producer shop has now become one of the most respected and awarded health insurance agencies in Georgia. Our clientele has expanded, too – first focused in metro-Atlanta, but now our client base stretches across the United States and internationally.”

Rick was the only agent was asked by Governor Nathan Deal to be on Georiga’s Exchange Advisory Board. The Board was founded in 2010, and its purpose was to determine how Georgia would implement the Affordable Care Act. Visit

Tonight’s Discussion

How has Obamacare affected your overall well-being?
How much longer will Obamacare survive?
What has Obamacare done to the insurance industry?
What has Obamacare done to healthcare in America?
What has happened to healthcare for our Seniors?
What has happened to our culture when it comes to caring for Seniors
ACA vs VA Healthcare – VA case study for government healthcare!
What has been the financial impact of Obamacare to the average American?
What needs to be done to reform and save healthcare?
Will opening the market across state lines solve the problem?
Will Obamacare ever be repealed?
What are the key questions for 2016 candidate?
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With Sally. Baptist
And Charles Frederick Tolbert

1. Ask Congress to completely repeal Obamacare, including the individual mandate. “No person should be required to buy insurance unless he or she wants to.” Amendment 1.

The Taxing and Spending Clause[1] (which contains provisions known as the General Welfare Clause[2] and the Uniformity Clause[3]), Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 of the United States Constitution, grants the federal government of the United States its power of taxation. While authorizing Congress to levy taxes, this clause permits the levying of taxes for two purposes only: to pay the debts of the United States, and to provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States. Taken together, these purposes have traditionally been held to imply and to constitute the federal government’s taxing and spending power.[4]

2. Modify existing laws to allow for the sale and purchase of health insurance plans across state lines. “By allowing full competition in this market, insurance costs will go down and consumer satisfaction will go up.” Amendment 10.

3. Make health insurance premium payments fully deductible on an individual’s tax return in the same way that businesses are allowed to deduct their premium payments.
Close IRS.

4. Permit individuals and families to use tax-free Health Savings Accounts. These accounts would not only be allowed to accumulate, but also be transferable and inheritable, and would be flexible enough to use on behalf of other family members if necessary.

5. Require transparency in pricing by health care providers and health care organizations, such as insurance companies, doctors, hospitals and clinics. “Individuals should be able to shop to find the best prices for procedures, exams or any other medical-related procedure.”

6. Convert Medicaid funding into block grants to the states. “The state governments know their people best, and can manage the administration of Medicaid far better without federal overhead funding from Federal tax collected under HR 25 fair tax law.”

7. Remove barriers to entry in the pharmaceutical drug industry. Making pharmaceutical drugs more of a competitive free market would bring down prices and improve safety and reliability by allowing consumers more options to fill their prescription drug needs.

Of course, the success of all of these steps are contingent upon returning immigration back to the State, closing the IRS and less interference with states rights, all of which will relieve pressures on the health care industry and free up money for consumers to spend.

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
Candidate for United States Senate Florida 2016 no party affiliated
Retired MSGT

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