The 24th Amendment says Open Primaries is the Law of the Land.

Read The US Constitution’s 24th Amendment and you will learn Open Primaries is the law of the land.This cannot be denied or abridged by the United States or any State.

The States are in charge of the elections. There can be no Tax. A Tax is a condition. The condition of citizens have to be a registered republican or democrat to be able to vote in the Primary robs citizens of their election process.

It also lists the offices the citizens vote for.Please note the citizens vote for the electors ? There is no “electoral college in the Document,only members. No teams in the Document, not political parties, no groups or any electors whose votes are predetermined, only his own conscience.

The system of a political party choosing the politicians who will represent their party is up to them. They can use the delegate formula of various models, draw straws, flip a coin, or foot races to decide who the party will put up. But the democrat and republican are not supposed to own the entire election process. They are private groups who have a monopoly on the election process. You will have a hard time explaining why the many other parties and NPA’s do not have a place at the table. They are simply reminded they are wasting their vote by voting for 3rd candidates, parties and staying home.

The US Constitution is owned by the people and not the 2 party political rule system with their electoral college that lock all other citizens out of their right to the elections is why the GOP has been rejected, is the minority and is over forever.

Denying citizens their Constitutional rights is criminal, but when the criminals have control of the system All Americans will be the looser.

The 24th Amendment ? This is confirmed many times over in Article 2, the 12 Amendment and the 23rd Amendment.

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
Write in Candidate for US Senate Florida 2016
Retired MSGT

The 24th Amendment says Open Primaries is the Law of the Land.

There is no electoral college, there is only electors.

They vote for the president.

They vote in another election for vice president.

There is no 2 party political rule in the constitution .

Neither Federal or States can deny these rights to the legal US citizens.

This is confirmed by the 23rd, 12th amendments and Article 2.

The 2 party system has made us prisoners of the political process.

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
Write Candidate for US senate Florida 2016 NPA

Retired MSGT

Copy Editor: Vilet Dye…

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