Student loan updated

Student loan updated

Update on student forgiveness requirements as of February 22, 2018 for Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD account number ———-3505. (Fredloan)

Although I attended Universities between 2001 and 2010 the student loan department reconsolidated all the debts and is affective 2011.

Even though the 501(c)(3) is recognized as a public servant company and that I did fulfill the required public service, the debt was reconsolidated by the federal government and other educational lending institutions in 2011.

The date of forgiveness does not start until December 2011 and cannot be forgiven until 2021 because of the re-conciliation debt I am required to resubmit the paperwork on an annual basis.

I believe that the president of the United States and Congress need to look at the time the actual loans were taken out and that they should be forgiven prior to 2011.

Dr Tolbert

U.S. Department of Education
FedLoan Servicing
P O Box 69194
Harrisburg, PA 17106-9184

The President
The White House1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500Salutation: Dear Mr. President

Charles Frederick Tolbert BS, DIVM, EdM, EdD
P O Box 2798
Okeechobee FL 34973

Retired United States Army Master Sergeant

Reference: Public Service Loan Forgiveness Employment Certification Form (OMB No. 1845-0110

To whom it may concern:

In reference to the forms and documents attached:

(1) 501(C)(3) November 21, 2001 to present

(2) FEIN

(3) Military awards and service

(4) DD214 discharge from military service. Services from -Enlisted 04-1-1960, discharged 5-31-1981

(5) Divorce paperwork

(6) Certificate of Ordained Ministry and Military ID

(7) Citizens For A Better America 501(c)4

(8) My Resume

In 1999 God called me to the ministry. Owning an airplane sales company, I left to answer God’s calling.

In 2001, I started the Walking Your Vision Academy and received my nonprofit 501(c)(3)

In 2002/2003, I went back to school for my Masters Degree in Theology, a Masters Degree in Education, a Doctors Degree in Educational Leadership, and finished all three by 2010.

Under the 501(c)(3) I do not receive donations and I teach people in the community to help other people in their communities.

I work as a full-time pastor and I am a Counselor and Apostle, teaching: “Bring God Back to America,” per the Constitution of the United States.

I also have a 501(c)4 which does not take donations.

I am on talk radio teaching the constitution and I write articles, “Bring God back to America,” which can be found on

From 2003 until 2013, I was a caregiver for three women in my home, which I did not get paid for. One was born in Russia in 1918 and passed over in June 9, 2013. One was born in the Commonwealth of Domenico which was my mother-in-law who had loss of vision and loss of memory, and my wife who came down with aggressive arthritis and became a hundred percent disabled and returned to her family in 2015.

I understand that if I was a congressman or an ambassador, or if I was a public school teacher or a nurse, you would give due consideration that I was serving the community. I wish and pray that you would give consideration to the time I have spent since called by God to the ministry. My service helping the men and the women on the streets, doing prison ministry and teaching churches to divide their members into groups of 10 to help their community. Taking us from social welfare is helping America and individuals who are doing it on a part-time basis, and is in fact a public service.

I served my country for 22 years as a Vietnam Veteran and it was not my idea to go to school and get degrees and have student loans, God called and I answered.

I also wrote the first articles against common core in 2010. should-find-another-solution

I have written hundreds of other articles on veterans and other issues, which are being sent directly to the president of the United States as well as a copy of this letter which will be sent to John DeStefano, John Kelly and President Trump, to insure this is part of the Veterans Choice program and as a public service under the 501(c)3.

The book I wrote “Walking Your Vision” has been given out to the multitude teaching men and women how to restructure their lives.

In reviewing the documents and information provided, the question to be asked is: “Am I a true public servant who received an education in order to serve the public?”

In reviewing the documents concerning Public Service Loan Forgiveness, I request that you give consideration to the fact that I do serve America, and that I have answered the call to duty and all of my service required student loans were for the purpose of helping bring God and the Constitution back to America, therefore reducing the federal debt.


Apostle Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
Retired Master Sergeant

Copy Editor, Vilet Dye…

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