State courts and rights versus the federal system

In the constitution there are to be nine members in the Supreme Court. If we do not elect a new one, according to the constitution, there would be a tie vote.

Re: 4:6-CB-349-RH-CAS Charles Frederick Tolbert v State of Florida Legislature

Our state rights


The States have lost their authority to the federal government because our governors do not understand the constitution. Under the 10th amendment each Governor must take their power back. According to Article 3 section 1, the three branches (Legislative, Judicial and Executive), have authority over 17 issues to include defense, naturalization and interstate commerce.

Governors of each of these United 50 States are responsible to govern as a sovereign country. In the constitution we are a Federalism not a Democracy. Therefore the federal government is not responsible for any occurrence natural or otherwise to a state.

The funding Florida gets for education, roads, interstate commerce, healthcare, Medicaid and other funding, is also unconstitutional.

The ruling by the Supreme Court concerning illegal immigrants and Congressional failure to declare these immigrants as invaders was decided upon by Supreme Court decisions.

The Governor of Florida can declare a state of emergency and call the National Guard to protect the borders from invaders.

Florida has allowed Sharia law, Muslims of Isis, and the building of worship centers for these individuals at the Orlando airport, which is against the US Constitution. Anyone who does not agree with, or contradicts the US Constitution, should not be allowed on US soil and should be considered a terrorist.

Congress has failed to respect the 10th amendment, and balancing our budget is another reason why we need to elect a Citizen For A Better America

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD

Was a candidate for US senate Florida 2016

Retired MSGT

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