Right to vote

Miriam E Lancaster’s Right to Vote And right to Communicate and Visit with Family and Friends.

To: Viriginia M. Mara – Co-Guardian of Miriam E. Lancaster
Lauruby Benz – Co-Guardian of Miriam E. Lancaster

From: Sally Baptiste – Close Friend, Caregiver of Miriam E. Lancaster and Petitioner to become Co-Guardian of Miriam E. Lancaster

Re: Miriam E. Lancaster’s Well-Being and Quality of Life

It has been over a week now since you moved/relocated Miriam and have blocked all communications with her friends and family. Per Florida Statute 744, Miriam has the right “to receive visitors and communicate with others”. Your actions – prohibiting Miriam from speaking and visiting with family and friends is a violation of Miriam’s rights.

Additionally, your actions to isolate Miriam from family and friends is not in Miriam’s best interest. In the best interest of Miriam’s mental and emotional health; this isolation from family, friends and her church must stop. Miriam deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Your actions to isolate Miriam further support my conclusion neither of you are qualified to be Miriam’s guardian or co-guardian. I have known Miriam for over 20 years. While I am not an attorney or a doctor, your actions appear to be abusive to Miriam. Denying Miriam communication and visitation with family and friends is not right.

I have provided Miriam (aka Mom) a cell phone for her use. This would ensure her family and friends could reach her even when her address changes. It appears you have taken away the phone I gave Miriam to use or you are not allowing her to charge the phone. 407-413-1752continues to go to voice mail. This too is a violation of Miriam’s rights. Prior to you removing Miriam from Orlando Health and Rehabilitation Center (OHRC) on 29th Street, Orlando, FL, Miriam spoke with me, her cousin Donna, Sandra Mihilas and other friends via the cell phone or the phone at OHRC. Miriam is very capable of communication. I know of no ethical, medical or legal justification to prevent Miriam from speaking and visiting with her family and friends. What is your ethical, medical or legal justification for isolating Miriam from family, friends and her church?

You need to allow Miriam to use her cell phone and you need to provide visitation with her family and friends or provide a legal justification for this isolation.

I look forward to speaking with Miriam and visiting with her this weekend.

Thank you,
Sally Baptiste

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
Retired Army MSGT



Accessibility in terms of polling places means that all disabled and elderly people must have the same opportunity to vote as those people who are not disabled in any way. In other words, disabled and elderly people must be able to vote in the same manner as the non-disabled, including enjoying the same rights to privacy and independence in casting their ballots. This degree of accessibility to the polling place must be available on the date of the election, although it need not remain accessible on a permanent basis. Additionally, poll workers must take not discriminate against disabled or elderly voters in any way; any sort of discrimination may result in the polling place not being accessible for all voters.

This is only a little bit

To prove that Florida has broken federal laws concerning the voting rights of Mariam

Charles Tolbert BS, DivM, EdM, EdD
Retired Master Sergeant served 22 years in United States Army Vietnam veteran
Pastor 501 C3 since 1999 online school
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Teaches the Constitution

Ran for United States president 2012 Florida lost certified documents

Ran for governor of Florida 2014 FOXNews had Dr. Tolbert at 14% he had 1 million followers 60,000 sign petitions ended up with 82 votes

Ran for United States Senate 2016 multiple meetings I thousand followers a day ended up with less than 80 Votes

Dr. Tolbert from 2003 through 2013 was responsible for three senior citizens and was the caregiver and responsible to ensure their health safety and United States federal and state rights

Dr. Tolbert does street ministry has provided guidance in prayer in correctional institutions

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