Re: 4:6-CB-349-RH-CAS Charles Frederick Tolbert v State of Florida Legislature Subject: Electing a ‘”Write-In” Can Be Done Our state rights

Re: 4:6-CB-349-RH-CAS Charles Frederick Tolbert v State of Florida Legislature

Subject: Electing a ‘”Write-In” Can Be Done

Our state rights

Write-in TOLBERT for
Was a candidate for US Senate Florida 2018 NPA
CFA Citizens For America

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
Retired MSGT


The States have lost their authority to the federal government because our governors do not understand the constitution. Under the 10th amendment each Governor must take their power back. According to Article 3 section 1, the three branches (Legislative, Judicial and Executive), have authority over 17 issues to include defense, naturalization and interstate commerce.

Governors of each of these United 50 States are responsible to govern as a sovereign country. In the constitution we are a Federalism not a Democracy. Therefore the federal government is not responsible for any occurrence natural or otherwise to a state.

The funding Florida gets for education, roads, interstate commerce, healthcare, Medicaid and other funding, is also unconstitutional.

The ruling by the Supreme Court concerning illegal immigrants and Congressional failure to declare these immigrants as invaders was decided upon by Supreme Court decisions.

The Governor of Florida can declare a state of emergency and call the National Guard to protect the borders from invaders.

Florida has allowed Sharia law, Muslims of Isis, and the building of worship centers for these individuals at the Orlando airport, which is against the US Constitution. Anyone who does not agree with, or contradicts the US Constitution, should not be allowed on US soil and should be considered a terrorist.

Congress has failed to respect the 10th amendment, and balancing our budget is another reason why we need to elect an NPA candidate for US Senate.

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD

Write-in candidate for US senate Florida 2016

We received an email below from Jeremy Gruber (Senior Vice President Open Primaries, Inc.) about the exciting “On Tuesday, the open primaries movement won a significant victory”.

We have also attached the actual link to what the Primary costs were by state. We should point out that the Florida Closed Primary cost $13,280,871.

This does not include many people that were forced to change their Independent or NPA registration to actually vote in Florida. Gwen Mandell (IndependentVoting.Org – NYC) provided the report that showed about 813,277 Independents and No-Party-Affiliation voters changed their Party registration to vote – now we have to guess that that process cost another $1,500,000. for the DOE/SOE office/staff to complete.

We also noted the Craig Patrick’s “Money Power & Politics” Show on Fox 13 (Tampa) indicated that many voters could not vote in the Florida CLOSED Primary because they had moved, changed address or received a new drivers license – if they not a specify their Party, they would be listed as Unkown and could not vote when they showed up at they polls – many were of the Republican and Democratic Parties – or so they thought??

We have to say it again about the need for Open Primaries – its not about the politics (like the Parties seem to think) – its about your individual rights!

We thank Jeremy, Jesse and Gwen for these very relevant reports for this important effort!

Duane E. Pike (NPA) – (Land O Lakes/Tampa-813-968-8378) Choice Edwards (NPA) – (Clermont/Orlando-352-242-2333)

Steve Hough – (Panama City-850-265-9073)

“We Are At The Right Place, At The Right Time, for The Right Reasons” !


(FFAOP) is All Volunteer, Non-Partisan, Non-funded and not tied to any Party or PAC – our goal of Top Two Open Primaries for this Great state of Florida! To Unsubscribe Click Here

Open Primaries

On Tuesday, the open primaries movement won a significant victory.

After a lengthy legal battle in which the Democratic Party of Hawaii sought to have Hawaii’s open primary system declared null and void, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in our favor, rejecting the Democratic Party’s desire to exclude independent and unaffiliated voters from voting in elections they pay for. Almost $450 million dollars of taxpayer funds were spent on the presidential primaries this year — close to $2 million dollars in the state of Hawaii alone.

This is a huge legal victory. And we are working to explore and engage new avenues through which to challenge the legality of closed primaries and counter efforts to close open primaries.

Will you support our work to allow every voter an equal stake in our electoral process?

This victory can’t be understated. The onus was on the Hawaii Democratic Party to prove that an open system burdens its associational rights, and they failed. The bar for either major party to successfully challenge open primaries is now much higher.

43% of all Americans — including 50% of millennial voters — now identify as independent. Had they succeeded in their legal challenge, the Democratic and Republican parties would have been able to use this decision as a weapon to close the primaries to them in the dozens of states that conduct some form of open election.

70% of Americans now support open primaries. The momentum is with us. We won’t stop fighting until all Americans are given an equal stake in our democratic process and allowed the right to vote for who they want.


Jeremy Gruber
Senior Vice President
Open Primaries

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Open Primaries
Jesse —

We did the math. Taxpayers contributed over $287 million to the closed primaries in this year’s presidential primary cycle alone — a quarter billion dollars. And that’s JUST for the presidential primaries; there are still federal and state primaries to consider as well.

Our new study takes a look at the taxpayer cost of presidential primaries by state, and includes an interactive heat map that lets you see the cost state-by-state. The five most expensive primaries were in California, Maryland, Illinois, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Check it out:

Have a great weekend,
Jesse Shayne
Digital Communications Specialist
Open Primaries

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Jesse Shayne
Digital Communications Specialist
Open Primaries, Inc.
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Retired MSGT

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