Questions asked Apostle Charles concerning the Constitution and the Bible

Subject: Question asked by a candidate for president 2020

Questions asked Apostle Charles to answer

Question asked by a candidate for president 2020

You never answered my question… where in the Bible does God use the term “Christian” to refer to a Believer? Why would anyone call themself a Christian if God never used the descriptive term?


From the word


The word Christian is used three times in the New Testament (Acts 11:26; Acts 26:28; 1 Peter 4:16). Followers of Jesus Christ were first called “Christians” in Antioch (Acts 11:26) because they believed in Christ and followed His example. The word was initially used by their detractors in a derogatory sense, but believers embraced the term as a badge of honor.

While the first-century Christians did follow the teachings, practices and example of Jesus Christ at that time, since then the term has virtually lost its meaning—as it’s usually not accompanied by the same way of life and understanding. Today many claim to be Christians yet don’t really follow Jesus’ teachings.


So you agree God never called a Believer a Christian?


Do you know the Trinity

As one God

Holy Ghost

So Jesus Christ Himself is one as another Name For God

So regardless if you say Christ holy ghost or God you’re actually referring to the one God using any of the three names


You mean “Are not following the instructions”


They are not following the laws which is the 10 Commandments would be the same as the members of Congress are not following the Constitution which are the laws. And that in fact the constitution is based on the laws of the Bible.


Okay…i like what you are saying…
“What gives power to sin”


The testing of your believe in God creates a disagreement and a disagreement would be the violation of the laws and therefore the term soon became the word used to show your lack of following the laws.

After the birth of Christ what the term called the original sin breached by Adam and eve was removed

Therefore Sin is not in the new testament.

But is used to summarize your disbelief or lack of following and it is translated in many different ways were in fact when the Holy Spirit filled you or you became born-again

We could also say your trials and tribulations is your disagreement or lack of following until you have prepared yourself for the next level of life.

I have a Masters degree in theology along with that doctor degree in education and I am not in agreement with theologian


There 5 results in Google for: “What gives power to sin”


Why did the so-called devil which was a miss written terminology ask Jesus/God can I go after Job.

And the trials and tribulations faced Job was to prove that God/Trinity was the greater of believes

Google and what you read in the interpretation of the Scriptures and Bible’s given by theologians are very miss leading.

As our Lord Jesus suffered for us we to sometimes have to suffer in order to prove our love for God and the transformation/Transfiguration of a physical body did the spirit is impacted as it was enjoyed by our believe in trusting of our Lord the Father and the Holy Ghost as one Trinity.

The opening of the Bible should say the word God’s not God

Which in fact is the Trinity as explained and John

666 people believe is the sign of the devil

which is in fact is man so man himself is the devil which is the part of the human or evil side of the body conflicting and rebelling against the true God

I don’t debate the Bible I only teach with God gives me so many would come against me and disagree however I am an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ

And my calling is not about politics or theology it’s about re-opening the door of the Trinity and the Lord in America and the United States and throughout the creations


I agree…Christianity is now a Cult but a Believer in God has nothing to do with being a part of a Cult. And YES the end result is as you say re-opening the door ie… reconciliation of those that are Jews inwardly with our Creator.


Death is not at the physical body but of the spiritual body at a point in time we all travail the spirit of the Holy Ghost and become born again unfortunately some of those don’t come to that recognition until after the physical body has left in the spiritual body then becomes born-again. Clearly in the Bible it says that all will come to our Lord so regardless of what people think they are not properly conceiving and translating the Bible they are using words and apostle Paul clearly says only read by spirit not by the words


Rightly dividing the word.

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