— Please read Article 2. Section 1. Article 2.Section 3,the 12TH,13TH,15TH,23RD and 24TH

1856: North Carolina becomes the last state to eliminate its property requirements.The right to vote is extended to all white men in America.1889-1890: Poll taxes and literacy tests specifically designed to reduce African American voting power are introduced in Southern states for the first time.

— From the beginning the peasants did not have the right to vote the US Constitution secured.I agree with the Founder’s fear. They sacrificed skin in the game.Some lost their lives,family and wealth. I honor their effort. The peasants did not have the education or experience and could and most likely would have squandered the sacrifices the Founders made. They should have Amended the Document to their experience.There should have been a plan to eventually move people into their birth right declared by the Document.But to drag it out for generations only causes hope differed to hope denied.The Founders were men of Conscience, they wrote in the Document what could later charge them, hypocrite. They were honest men.

— But we need to stop the myth of the electoral college being in the Constitution that gives the people’s vote to the 2 party system’s private groups.It is not there.The government democrat,republican party system with their group of elector’s vote being predetermined, while all other political groups and NPA citizens are denied the right to the full election and political process has led America back to the system the Founders sacrificed to break away from.

— Please read Article 2. Section 1. Article 2.Section 3,the 12TH,13TH,15TH,23RD and 24TH real slow and out load and allow your ears hear what your mouth says ?

Nathan Huckaby

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