Part 3 Black Muslims – Nation of Islam –

Part 3-Black Muslims nation of Islam.

Part 3 Black Muslims – Nation of Islam – part-one


Part 3 Black Muslims – Nation of Islam –
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Black Muslims – Nation of Islam

Malcolm X, subject of a popular movie, was a Black Muslim who was gunned down by three black men after he left the Black Muslim movement. Most people have heard of this religion, but few really know the core of who they are and what they teach.

The Black Muslim movement was founded by Wallace Fard. Elijah Mohammed joined the movement in 1930, and assumed leadership after Fard’s mysterious disappearance in 1934. Regular Muslims would consider teachings of the Nation of Islam to be blasphemous.

In recent years the Nation of Islam has decided to join mainstream Islam, which means “forgetting” their history and past. This paper shows what the serious falsehoods and slanders they used to teach.

Mohammed Was White

The Hadiths are recorded sayings and doings recorded of the prophet Mohammed. They are accepted almost as highly as the Quran by most Muslims, the longest and most highly regarded Hadith was collected by Al-Bukhari.

“He [the Prophet] uncovered his thigh and I saw the whiteness of the thigh of the Prophet. “Bukhari vol.1 book 8 ch.12 no.367 p.224

“Whenever the Prophet used to offer prayer he used to keep his arms away (from his body) so that the whiteness of his armpits was visible.” Bukhari vol.1 book 12 ch.48 no.771 p.430. Bukhari vol.2 book 17 ch.20 no.140,141 p.77,78 are both similar. See also Bukhari vol.1 book 3 ch.7 no.63 p.54 and vol.2 book 17 ch.3 no.122 p.65.

Mohammed was of medium height, handsome, with slightly wavy hair and a wheat-colored complexion. Tirmidhi’s Shamaa-il ch.1 no.2

Mohammed was of medium height, with slightly wavy hair. Tirmidhi’s Shamaa-il ch.1 no.6

Mohammed had a white complexion, which was slightly reddish. Tirmidhi’s Shamaa-il ch.1 no.13

Being red, yellow, black, or white does not make a person any better or worse. However the Black Muslim religion call all whites devils, and claims that Muhammad was black. Since Mohammed was white, the Black Muslim religion either lies, or one it claims to follow is a devil.

Mohammed’s Black Slaves

“Narrated ‘Umar: I came and behold, Allah’s Apostle [Mohammed] was staying on a Mashroba (balcony room) and a black slave of Allah’s Apostle was at the top of its stairs. I said to him, ‘(Tell the Prophet) that here is ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab (asking for permission to enter).” Bukhari vol.9 book 91 ch.3 no.368 p.275

“Mohammad was staying in an upper room of his to which he ascended by a ladder, and a black slave of Allah’s Apostle [Mohammad] was (sitting) on the first step.” Bukhari Hadith vol.6 book 60 ch.316 no.435 p.407.

Mohammad even auctioned off a slave in Bukhari vol.3 book 46 ch.9 no.711 p.427; vol.9 book 89 ch.32 no.296 p.224

Elijah Muhammad’s Words from Message to the Black Man (1965):

“…You will agree with me that the whole Caucasian race is a race of devils.” p.23

“The devils have tried to deceive the people all over the earth with Christianity; that is God the Father, Jesus the Son, the Holy Ghost – three Gods in one God – the resurrection of the Son and His return to judge the world.” p.11

“The Bible is called a poison book by God Himself.” p.94.

“…it is best that they throw the Bible in the waste pail, since they cannot understand it.” p.90.

“The things of which I have spoken will come upon America and its people within the next 6 years.” p.172 (not fulfilled over 30 years later)

“Allah came to us from the Holy City, Mecca, Arabia in 1930. He used the name Wallace D. Fard.” p.16.

“I am the first man since the death of Yakub (4,000 years ago) commissioned by God directly. I say no more than Jesus said. He said that He came from God. I say that I am missioned by God.” p.171.

In 1964 Malcolm X left Nation of Islam to found Muslim Mosque, Inc. Elijah Muhammad called him a traitor to be killed.

One likely reason for Malcolm X to leave is that Elijah Muhammad admitted to the rumors of the sexual goings on with his secretaries.

21 Feb 1965 three black men assassinated Malcolm X, then 39, in New York City.

26 Feb 1975 Elijah Muhammad died of a heart attack.

Dan Rather, in his autobiography The Camera Never Blinks, described Elijah Muhammad’s words succintly: “There is acid on his tongue.”

Even more interesting than this is Elijah Muhammad’s view of reality on the next page.

Elijah Muhammad’s Teaching from Message to the Black Man (1965)

One God but Polytheistic – 25,000 years. Bible and Quran written by 24 scientists – one scientist was appointed to be God. p.108

The black race created the heavens and the earth and created themselves. p.42.

The black race gave birth to a God named Yakub. p.110. He lived only 150 years. p.116

Yakub, a black scientist, created the white race 6,000 years ago. p.9

6,000 years ago the black race gave birth to Allah, He is the mightiest God since creation born after Yakub. p.111.

Orthodox Islam must bow to Black Islam (God’s choice) p.50. Arabs misunderstand the Holy Quran when they don’t accept me [Elijah Muhammad] as a prophet. p.250.

Moses used dynamite with a fuse to kill 300 of his followers. p.120. –An amazing miracle; dynamite was not invented for 2400 years!

Jesus is not God. p.9, 140. Black [Christian] preachers’ mouths are controlled by devils; they are a great hindrance to the truth of our people. p.18,47,84,89,96

Elijah Muhammad says the Bible is 2/3 pro-phecy. p.89. He says prophecies are a small percentage of the Bible on p.90.

The mountains were created by bombs from spaceships circling the earth. p.90

Wallace D. Fard is God [Allah]. p.1, 11, 27, 46, 52, 141, 155, 172, 237, 294.

Louis Farrakhan

Louis Farrakhan said, “We have long ago left the language of white devils behind. It was a language that was necessary for that time in our development.” (John F. Davis, “Farrakhan Speaks,” The Village Voice, 22 May 1984)

After splitting from W.D. Muhammad, Elijah Muhammad’s son, Farrakhan took over the Nation of Islam.

But the famous black columnist Carl T. Rowan writes that Farrakhan “offers nothing more than religious bilge and racial hatred and is preying on the frustrations and rage of millions of black Americans.”

“The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, I am here to declare, is risen. The Jesus you have been seeking and waiting for His return has been in your midst for 40 years, ‘but you knew not who He was.’”

Concerning Jewish people, Farrakhan said:

“Hitler was a very great man.” Mar 1984

“…the Zionist used the name of God and the Torah to shield their “gutter religion.’” July 1984

Yet Farrakhan denies he is anti-Semitic or anti-white. (Austin American Statesman 13 Mar 94 p.C5.) Is he trying to joke with his listeners?

Immediately after the uproar over Khalid Abdul Muhammad’s extremely racist speech, Farrakhan said, “I stand by the truths that he spoke.” (Human Events 4 Feb 94 p.5). He suspended Muhammad only for the “manner in which the truths were presented.”

Later Farrakhan said, “Muhammad needed to be more diplomatic but that he was a warrior, a fighter for his people.” –like most racists.

Black Congressman Charles Rangel of Harlem said, “the hatred spewed by Louis Farrakhan is scurrilous and intolerable.” Congressmen Owens (D.-NY) in a 10 page memo, and Reynolds (D.-Illinois) also stand against this.

A Summary and An Answer

Black Muslim leaders seem to say anything, even silly things, to get blacks to join their ignorance and look to whites as neither saviors nor even friends; only devils to hate. A large number of blacks, including Rangel, Rowan, Owens, and Reynolds, are not fooled.

Racism is wrong, regardless of who the target is, and regardless of who the evil racists are. Racism is a malicious evil, whether it be black, white, or other. If you fight evil with evil, and copy evil, then you will wake up to find you are not much different from them. Racism is stupid, and racism is evil. There is already enough stupidity and evil in the world. Seek what is wise and good.

In contrast to all this evil, the Bible in Galatians 3:28 says, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

God loves the world (not just some) (John 3:16) and is the One God and Father of all (Eph 3:14;4:16). He wants us to love each other (1 John 4:19-20).

People with hatred of others do not know God. 1 John 3:10,15, 4:19-21. We are to help the oppressed. Prov 24:11-12; 29:7; 31:9; Isaiah 1:17; Jer 22:16; Ps 41:1)

Jesus Christ came to this world as a ransom for all. Seek what is right, noble, and true; Jesus is the truth.

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As for interracial marriage, Moses married a black (Cushite) lady in Numbers 12. God did not rebuke Moses, but rebuked Miriam, who criticized Moses’ marriage. (Christians are to only marry Christians though, as 2 Cor 6:14-18 and 1 Cor 7:39 say).

For all, regardless of race or color, there is:

No other god. Exodus 20:3; 1 Timothy 1:17
No other Savior but Jesus. Acts 4:12; Php 2:10-11
No other way but Jesus. John 14:6; 1 Tim 4:10
We must love others as ourselves. Mark 12:31
Jesus Christ came to this world as a ransom for all. Seek what is right, noble, and true; Jesus is the truth. Part -one


Part 3 Black Muslims – Nation of Islam –
CFA Citizens For America
Citizens for a Better America, Inc.
Retired MSGT

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