One man at a time there is a better Way! MAP Men’s Awareness program.

A program Dr Tolbert started 20 years ago.

One man at a time there is a better Way!
MAP Men’s Awareness program.
To MAP the way for a better future for the next generation.
Many of men have feelings and a heart that is suffering from childhood abuse. Many of these men have been forgotten and are in jail or on the street. We the men and women of God are responsible for asking our Father through our prayers to return these men back to His home, as fathers and husbands. We must retrain these men, our sons, to again to be productive. I ask and pray in the name of Jesus that women forgive these men. I ask in the name of Jesus that the community unite in starting programs to retrain these men. We are not asking in prayer that we stop helping women, but rather that a day in the future they will no longer need hand outs given to them by the Government because men are once again responsible for the home and family.

We request that any organization church, assembly or individuals that wish to sponsor through their contributions or wishing to provide information please advise Pastor Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD by either calling 561-398-9025 or E-mailing We will be posting our web site with current information. We are praying for our men today and we ask that any group or individual that wish to present their WORKS for these forgotten men contact us. In helping one man we will have a return of a hundred fold. We need your contribution either mailed to the address below by check or money order to Cfacs, “Men’s Awareness Day.” We are a 501c3 nonprofit org. Registered and tax exempt in the State of FL. I am available at any time to meet with any individual or group. Be a sponsor and we will post your name or company on our web site. We must re-establish the foundation as God our Father had originally intended. This works is not about one person’s works but it is about helping one man at a time. For each man we help to be re-established is one family, which includes women and our children.

In the beginning God created heaven and earth and it was good. Nothing that God made was bad. Yet here we are thousands of years later with the foundation out of place. No longer are our men the corner stone of our family and community. Homes are broken; women and children are being abused. The problem is being treated but the cause is ignored. After sending letters to churches in Broward County and e-mailing hundreds more to include passing our flyers we find that many are chosen but few step forward to address this issue. Happy will these servants be when they are found engaged in the works given to them from the beginning of time. Men must be retrained and educated in their responsibility of being the father’s of our children. Only through the communities effort and prayer will this come about. If this county does not accept its responsibility to do this good work then we must shake the dust from our feet and move to the next county and the next until the world is awaken to the cry for help. One man can make a difference, as did Moses, Abraham, David, Paul and Jesus. I will continue passing this word, “One man at a time, there is a better Way!” Many are called but few are chosen, but if workers are needed pray for them and He will send more workers.

I have a vision that all men will stand together and support each man as he cries for Help and the community will have no need for prisons or spouse and children abuse programs for where 2 or 3 are so will He Be.

Write-in (TOLBERT) for
US Senate Florida 2016 NPA
CFA Citizens For America
Citizens for a Better America, INC
Retired MSGT

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