cfbamerica please join Dr. Tolbert and teaching the world about the Trinity God bless please join Dr. Tolbert and teaching the world about the Trinity God bless

There is currently over 300 individuals running for president more than 90 are Republicans and more than 60 are Democrats why do we only mention a few.

This letter was mailed to the seven major churches to include the Pope, Jewish , church of God, Baptist, Lutherans, Christain Science, Church of England

To the Seven Churches


We can justify the existence of God, regardless of our preference of outward expression, religion, denomination or direct consultation, without anyone else present. God’s acceptance of our actions, for which we seek recognition or forgiveness of our transgressions has been acknowledged. Understanding our plight, God calls a limited number of His children as physical personal coaches (Leaders) to satisfy our lack of self-confidence. Do you realize that your importance far exceeds that of any government leader or celebrated person in the world? The ability to fill your position, God’s right hand, to satisfy our individual doubts and expectations, and guide us to excellence requires more for less with little recognition of mankind. Realizing God never forgets your works, I express my appreciation and thanks, for your timeless effort and sacrifices which are generally overlooked. With all of today’s problems, corrupt or self-indulgent politicians and greedy promiscuous individuals only looking out for themselves, one can only imagine what this world would be like without your influence.

God has been more than good to those of us who reside in this country. Founded upon God’s principles, we have enjoyed more than we have given. Unfortunately, what we have taken for granted has progressively deteriorated. The complacency and passive attitude enabled corruption and evil to infiltrate the foundation upon which this country was established, “God, country and liberty”. The slow erosion of these principles has more recently escalated from a slow moving turtle to the equivalent of a rocket penetrating of these the outer limits of our atmosphere. They have eliminated any visible reference of God from our public buildings, monuments, books, media and most importantly affecting the future of our schools and children.

Our rights are slowly being altered, wording changed, operations manipulated to achieve the removal of God from history and the principles upon which God influences our lives.

Our future is dependent upon living up to God’s expectations. To be grateful, giving thanks to God does not suggest permitting the forces of government corruption. As the physical representative, as God’s right hand your influence is expected to reverse and expand upon achieving success… not failure. If you do not vote don’t blame God

Apostle Charles Frederick Tolbert Ed.D. Retired Msgt
(according to Webster dictionary an Apostle is one who has been given a new assignment)

P O Box 23935 Ft Lauderdale FL 33307

Candidate for U.S. Senate Florida 2016

BS, DivM, EdD

Retired MSGT



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