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“Keep America Strong!”

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD has not only taught the gospel since 1999 and has a Masters degree In theology, he also works in communities throughout Florida.

Dr Tolbert also has been involved in teaching the constitution and is a candidate for U. S. Senate Florida 2016.


By Connie Davis
Once in a while someone comes along that really makes an impression on you. Since I met Mr. Charles Tolbert of CFACS Academy, he has done just that. This is an individual that overcame insurmountable odds in his own childhood, went on to serve 22 years in the United States Army, ran his own business, was called by the ministry and then went back to school to earn his BA in Business, MA in Theology and Doctoral in Education. Mr Tolbert certainly has a story to tell, the experience to pass on to others and the passion to deliver a strong message. He now dedicates himself to helping and teaching those less fortunate than most of us. He is consistently conjuring up all kinds of help for others while teaching them how to help themselves in the face of tremendous adversity. The important word here is “teaching” because it’s important to learn how to handle life’s ups and downs, how to move forward after traumatic events and circumstances, how to became more responsible and how to not allow yourself to slip back. Sometimes it’s a simple thing and sometimes it’s nearly impossible. But he keeps trying and believing in people, and is always there with his support and the word of God. He teaches a Men’s Awareness Program because 1 out of every 32 males in the United States are in jail. He believes that thru his teaching, he can break this vicious cycle. He also has an online 52-week school teaching the ministry. You can read more about him and his ministry online at:

He also has an important message to share with his Fellow Americans as he begins to organize his Presidential Campaign for 2012 and I say, “good for him”, why not! His point of view and philosophy make a lot of sense. He has set an example for all of us to take a look at. You can read all about his political ideals, aspirations for our country and his goals for the Presidency in his multi-part series online at:

You can also contact him with your input or questions via email at:

Re-edited for clarity…5-30-16

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