Is DACA constitutionally legal? Virtual reality visa

Is DACA, Deferred Action Children Arrival, Constitutionally Correct?

Congress has no authority over the Sovereign States other than Possessions, Territories and Washington DC. For example, Puerto Rico is a territory.

Congress has no authority over the 50 Sovereign states.

Under the 10th amendment and the 9th Amendment of the Constitution, the Administrative Procedure Act written in 1942 has No Authority over immigrations as presented by Obama, under DACA.

Therefore president Trump’s removal of the new funding or rights as required by sovereign state implementation of their own policy and rules, does not fall under the Administrative Procedure Act of 1942, and DACA should not be funded by the Federal government, it’s a States right.

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Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
Retired Master Sergeant United States Army/Pastor

Please consider changing the phrase, “building a border around America” to “virtual reality visas.”

Updated March 05, 2018

Copy Editor, Vilet Dye…

To the president of the United States , please correct the issue on immigration , virtual reality visas.”

State rights concerning immigration


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