cfbamerica — This is the link if you want to post it ? Or send every Florida and Federal Politician and Judge.

Sally Baptiste is. setting-up a special account for Miriam E. Lancaster’s legal expenses. As a “ward” (aka hostage) of the State of Florida, Miriam has no rights or access to any money. We must do this for her.

I am donating $1000. Please help if you. I will send a report to those who contribute.

If you happen to know of an attorney in the Central Florida area that has any ethics or integrity, please let me know who they are. I have not been able to find one.

Send checks or money orders to:

Sally Baptiste
7027 Eaker Drive
Orlando, FL 32822

Thank you,
Sally Baptiste

Please share with other concerned Voters…..
“I am NOT too old to vote!” “Let me VOTE!” says Miriam E. Lancaster

“In Lancaster’s case, anyone can ask the court to reinstate her voting rights at any time.” see WFTV-Channel 9 – Michael Lopardi’s report below – email Michael at

When Miriam was born, women did NOT have the right to vote, now, the State of Florida has taken away Miriam’s right to vote! Not because she is a criminal, but because the state thinks she is too old and “totally incapacitated”. Watch this video and you will see, Miriam is NOT “totally incapacitated.” The State of Florida judiciary is out of control and Miriam’s case proves it.

If you believe Miriam E. Lancaster should have the right to vote, submit a “Suggestion of Capacity Letter” to Judge Jose R. Rodriguez, 425 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801, Judicial Assistant Vikki Cooper email,, phone 407-836-2119, fax 407-835-5128.

If you are outraged by the actions of the State of Florida – the discrimination against Florida seniors, be ready to take action in 2017 and demand protection for the voting rights of seniors. Leave contact info at 407-751-1717.

101-year-old woman fights for right to vote

101-year-old woman fights for right to vote
By EndPlay
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Thank you,
Sally Baptiste

This is the link if you want to post it ? Or send to every Florida and Federal Politician and Judge.
Channel 9 news Dec 27, 2016

Dr Charles Tolbert who was a write in candidate for US Senate Fl 2016 and Angela Marie Walls Windhauser–also a candidate-for-us-senate–npa and was sitting next to Mariam.

It was interesting they didn’t cover everything but they covered enough.

Dr Tolbert filed a petition against Florida to challenge a Fellon’s right to vote and the fact that one out of five African-Americans are not given a right to vote. This is one of Dr Tolbert’s. priorities.

Channel 9 news stated anyone can file a suggestion of capacity letter.

Dr. Tolbert’s website will have a draft letter for other individuals to file against the state of Florida

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