Do not vote for E-Verify only four constitutional amendments should be put on the Florida ballot in 2018


Do not vote for E-Verify only four constitutional amendments should be put on the Florida ballot in 2018

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Per Dr Tolbert:
E-Verify will take away the state constitutional rights per the 10th amendment of the US Constitution and should Not be put on the ballot.

Allowing the federal government to monitor who you employ, is a Dictatorship, Socialism and Communism.

It is important that every person of the State of Florida rejects the constitutional amendments and put the responsibility of legality of immigration back in the hands of the state.

The Constitution states, if the federal government is to intervene in immigration and the rights of illegal immigrants, Congress has to declare these illegal immigrants as invaders.

It is important as a Sovereign State that the governor of Florida be informed as well as your representatives. Any constitutional amendment that violates the Federal Constitution will weaken the authority of a Sovereign State as has been done by the creation of the 11th through 27th amendments, and especially the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

There are four amendments required for Florida to uphold the U.S. constitution and should be enforced, corrected or challenged.

1. E-Verify is giving the federal government the right to know who works and where they reside in your state, which is a violation of the 10th Amendment.

2. The US constitution gives “felons a right to vote,” the State of Florida does not. It should be on Florida’s ballot. If it already is a U.S. Constitutional requirement, then why is Florida putting it to a vote? Vote Yes!

3. We are to have open primaries and not closed primaries per the U.S. Constitution. Which is the same Constitutionally as felons right to vote.

4. We the people need to make corrections, per the U.S. Constitution, that English is the primary language in Florida and any other language has to be shown with other languages and not just as Spanish and English in order to maintain the ethnicity of the United States.

5. The Florida Constitution says marriage is between one man and one woman, although the Supreme Court ruled differently. Florida is currently allowing same-sex marriage and should not be in the Florida constitution. Instead what should be placed on the ballot is a civil union voted on by the citizens of the United States residing in Florida. As per the 1st Amendment, marriage belongs to the church, per the 10th amendment civil unions or marriages, and same sex partnerships are not in the U.S. Constitution. Florida can add this to the ballot which will fall under the equality clause in Amendment 14.

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Florida Amendments – 2018 Election

Florida Amendments – 2018 Election

Learn the facts and then contact the CRC and let them know what should and should NOT be placed on the ballot. The following is NOT a complete list.

#67 – Greyhound Racing. NO – Rights of animals do not belong on our Constitution. This should be handled by Statute.
#3, 4, 5, 88, 96 – Amendments to “Declaration of Rights”
#6, 41,47, 55 – Judiciary
#12 Delete High Speed ground transportation
#29 – E-Verify – Employment eligibilty verification requirement
#54 – Prohibition on limitation on health care facilities and services
#94 – Comprehensive State-Wide Education on Tobacco and Prevention
#91 – Prohibition on drilling for oil and natural gas on coastal waterways
#103 – Legislative Sessions
Missing – Rights of Voters to vote on toll taxes – Petition
Missing – Banning Red Light Cameras – Petition

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