Corruption in America

Corruption in America!

The attorney general of the United States has committed treason, it’s up to the United States Congress to file charges and have him impeached.

Marco Rubio has given false statements concerning his actions as United States Senator and should be removed from office.

The money behind Marco Rubio and immigration is Soros.

Left-wing billionaire George Soros’ non-profit network, the Open Society Foundations (OSF), is confident about the future success of its work in the field of immigration activism and may embark on a massive campaign on immigration.

The President of the United States is enforcing and supporting sharia law and has committed treason.

The American people are being dumbed down by NBC and CBS.

It is time that we eliminated the two party system as Thomas Jefferson predicted.

This can only be done when we elect a Non Party Independent Candidate.

Dr. Tolbert was a Write-In Candidate for the United States Senate Florida 2016. He is the only candidate that has a doctorate degree in education, retired military and a pastor.

Do not make a mistake and vote for a Democrat or Republican in the upcoming Florida general election. Division of Election and Florida Election Commission has failed to enforce the constitutional requirements of candidates and have allowed Marco Rubio to be on the ballot when he is not a US citizen but an anchor baby.

The Federal election commission has requirements to ensure amendments 13, 14 15 and 24 are enforced by the States and has failed to do so.

Currently the state of Florida has 40% Independent voters and they’re being ignored.

Governor Scott and our representatives in Florida have failed our senior citizens which consist of 18% of Florida.

The corruption and sex trade in Tampa and the lack of investigation is a further indication that we have no leadership in Florida.

The corruption and voter fraud in the 2014 election by both the Democrats and the Republicans is a further indication the American people have not been given their rights.

Will the American people continue to listen to false information by our multi media or will they investigate, become informed and vote according to their rights?

Stand up American legal citizens, you have a call to duty!

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
Retired MSGT

Copy Editor: Vilet Dye…

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