CORRUPT ALIMONY LAWS and All laws of the United States must be in pursuit of the U.S. Constitution

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
Was a Candidate For U. S. Senate Florida 2016


Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20543

The endless possibility of death faces us each day, however to take your own life is not to fulfill your assignment that God gave you. To not correct the government in America by using the United States Constitution and the biblical scriptures is the same as giving up your rights to live. Each of us has been given an assignment and it is important that you are prepared and be in preparation for when God calls you so you can fulfill your assignment.

United States Senate Florida 2016

CORRUPT ALIMONY LAWS and All laws of the United States must be in pursuit of the U.S. Constitution


In the first weeks of campaign for governor of Florida, Dr. Charles Frederick Tolbert discovered that the State of Florida’s Constitution, Article X, Section 5, prohibits alimony! “Article X, Section 5” states under COVERTURE AND PROPERTY: (There shall be no distinction between married women and married men in the holding, control, disposition, or encumbering of their property, both real and personal; except that dower or curtesy may be established and regulated by law).

And now Dr. Tolbert ran for Florida US Senate 2016 and Florida is just now looking at the the miscarriage of justice after citizens for a better America seven months ago filed a writ of mandate concerning the Illegality of alimony.

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD


1st Step: Article I, Section 9, Clause 1 (19 words)
Migration and importation of persons is for States.

2nd Step: Amendment X.
What is not delegated for United States is for States
or the People.

3rd Step: Amendment XI.
Citizens or Subjects of any foreign State cannot
sue any of the United States in U. S. District courts.

4th Step: Amendment XIV.
ANY person not born or naturalized in the United
States is under the jurisdiction of the States who
give them due process of law and equal protection
of the laws.

5th Step: Article IV, Section 4, Clause 2.
The United States shall protect each STATE from invasion.

(Non-citizens who enter America without permission
from a State or a sponsorship by a citizen of a State
is invading America which is a crime.)

6th Step: Article IV. Section 2.
Only gives CITIZENS privileges and immunities in
all the several States.

7th Step: Article I, Section 8, Clause 4.
The United States naturalizes non-citizens via
UNIFORM naturalization rules after they have
been registered as an immigrant in a State.

8th Step: Article VI, Clause 2.
All laws of the United States must be in pursuit
of the U. S. Constitution even to the last judge.

(Laws that are not in pursuance of the U. S.
Constitution are null, void, non-jurisdictional,
trespassing and TREASON! When elected
officials like Presidents utter or sign memos or
executive orders that allow illegals to come to
America withOUT permission and receive federal
entitlements it is: INSURRECTION, SEDITION
and TREASON against America! IT IS CRIMINAL

The Founding Fathers put MIGRATION first, then
IMPORTATION! There was no fear from the
imports who were slaves, indentured servants
or workers who were not allowed to roam free.
The fear was from the IMMIGRANTS because
they could have been spies for King George or
the Red Coats, French, Spanish or Portugese
War mongers who wanted to take over the
Colonies from the Americans.
Citizens for A Better America does not advocate
deportation. We want the federal government
out of immigration so people can come to America once
again by the laws of the U. S. Constitution! They
cannot be deported once they register with a
State and pay their dues and fees to the State
and their duties to the United States!

WKMG Representatives correspondence on New Alimony Legislation:

I first saw your (New Alimony Legislation) story, Broadcast this past Easter weekend when you showed the report about a Lady who was giving a large portion of her income to her(former) husband under the present rules of Alimony. I felt the story revealed consequences that are tragic and sad for the “payer” and that we have such antiquated Alimony laws, with such unjustified imbalances.
*I discovered later on that this story was originally broadcast on March 12th, 2015. Since I had watched this story, I became curious as to why your broadcast did not reflect a “payer” balance and (also), present a Man paying alimony also, and what impact it has on him? Further research became a Shock, when I discovered a (2012 report) that most people (from a divorced couple) who are paying alimony are Men. Nation wide (the report states), reflects an approximate 97% of Alimony payers are Men. In Florida it is estimated to be closer to 99%!!
If there is any Truth to this report,I am Shocked and Disappointed that this WKMG broadcast did not try to show any degree of fairness of those who suffer from the financial imbalance of “unjust” Alimony payments made in the state of Florida. Why would you show a Woman in “fiscal suffering” but not the, Men, especially when they are the large, large, majority (9 out of 10?) who are paying alimony from what appears to be an antiquated set of alimony laws?
If I was a viewer who played the “Politically correct game” I would be tempted to say that this story had an Extreme Gender-Bias slant to the reporting!!…………….. What say you WKMG???????
I am respectfully asking that you either broadcast an apology to the majority of men who shoulder this financial burden, (justified alimony or not), or do a proper and balanced broadcast showing that a majority of Men suffer these never-ending fiscal burdens, more-so then Women. Please move forward and present facts that reflect reality more-so then the March 12th story that you presented to the Public.
I Thank you for your reporting, and I am just asking that all the facts be presented and let the Public interpret them as they will.
Thomas Pastore / Citizen and Combat Veteran of these Fading United States, just “cashing-in” on one of the (Free and safe Media Corp), IOU’s, (owed to America’s Veterans), as I put my life-on-the-line, so you could remain secure in your practices of Free speech!! *All Freedoms come with a degree of Responsibility, so (I ask that you), please adhere to those principles. Thank You. 407-963-6238

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Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD

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