Citizens for a Better America, Is fighting for American

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD NPA

Was a candidate for US Senator Florida 2016
Citizens for a Better America inc (CFABA),

Is fighting for American descendants of millions from Europeans who came to America under the United States Constitution, Article I, Section 9 that gives only the States power to bring non-citizens. The Europeans registered with the States and were sworn in as
legal residents of the State they were in and could not be deported.

Those white Europeans had money to buy the patents of black inventors who did not have money to mass produce their products or improve them. Many times blacks sold their patents to Europeans at a loss to move America to a higher level of competence.

The Europeans mass produced and improved the patents of black inventors and had hundreds of their own patents. They are the people responsible for all the technology in the world as well as at least 80% of all the finances of America, including taxes.

***Please give examples of what those inventions were…VERY IMPORTANT!

The descendants of the white Europeans are being robbed of their life’s inheritance by the federal government who grants entitlements to foreigners who are Latino, South American, Mexican, Cuban, Hispanic,
Haitian and Jamaican born, including illegals. The United States Constitution does not allow the federal government to give tax dollars to non-citizens. All
grants must be given to Foreign Leaders, not to foreign people. States are responsible for all non-citizens who come to their States. (Amendment XIV
of the United States Constitution.)

Since the Cuban boat lift of 1967, the federal government has been giving Cubans “green cards” and thousands of dollars a month to Cubans and other non-citizens. Nothing is written in the U. S. Constitution that allows this. It is time for the federal government to refrain from granting money to non-citizens that belongs to the descendants of white Europeans and African Americans. All need to be re-compensated for the trillions of cash grants to non-citizens; and the businesses built by foreigners with cash grants from Americans should repay that money. Americans can “bump” non-citizens from jobs as well. Article IV, Section 2 gives all privileges and immunities in all the States to American citizens.

Bilingual must be stopped! The Hispanic movement is denying jobs to the descendants of Europeans and African Americans whose ancestors established the jobs. Hispanics never established or invented anything that moved America forward. They are just robbing the inheritance of Americans with the help of the Democrats and federal judges.

Citizens for a Better America will do patent searches and financial searches to see which patents belonged to white Europeans and African Americans; and how much (trillions and trillions) were used to move
America forward by taxes and wages! Then we want to know how much money that belonged to Europeans and African Americans was given to non-citizens. We want these monies returned to each European and African American in class-action grants directly into their bank accounts electronically, or in their mail box in the form of “RE-COMPENSATION” payments.

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD,
CFABA,Pastor, Retired US Army MSGT

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