China provided false information and the democratic party is bringing down America

China providing false information and the United States government being manipulated by the Democrat party
China Manufacturer a Global Pandemic and Succeed in Taking Down the U.S.A. Trump Economy? The more I learn about “coronaviruses”, the more I think they did. Please Wake-Up Americans. Show some courage and shake someone’s hand. I do not want to be a prisoner living in isolation in my own country.

Fox Friends stop running scared and get back on the curvy couch for God’s sake!!!!

Fox News should have both Dr. Hotze and Rosemary Gibson on the show(s) to report the real facts of what is happening here. Listen to Dr. Hotze see link below. Read China Rx by Rosemary Gibson

Ask yourself a few simple questions….. Was China “annoyed” with the tariffs and other trade changes that were imposed by President Trump?? How much $$$ did China lose because of Trump? What would China do to retaliate for this massive loss? Why would the U.S.A. ever trust what Communist China says or does????

Think about it……The “Silent Enemy”…..This is the perfect “peaceful” attack on the U.S.A. AND on the reelection of President Trump. No guns were shot. No bombs were dropped and Americans became POWs in their own country. No more Trump Rallies – think about that!! How many Americans will forever been afraid to go to a Trump Rally or the SuperBowl or any social event?!? Not to mention all the insane toilet paper fights and mass shopping frenzies. Americans are still running scared. Americans are still afraid to shake someone’s hand. Americans are still not allowed to go to church or dine out. This is sick sick sick!!

The knee-jerk reaction to what appears to be a China manufactured global pandemic is showing how vulnerable the U.S.A. is and how quickly Americans will give-up their rights. The “silver lining” here…….This national crisis has shed a very bright light on the trade issues we have with COMMUNIST China AND the truth about the China Drug Store (aka China Drug Cartels). I encourage you to learn more about the China Drug Store (aka China Drug Cartels) – see info on “China Rx”. Americans must demand changes in this “relationship”. This relationship is a threat to our national security. Does anyone doubt that fact? Just imagine if they (China) use some other deadly drugs like fentanyl???

Americans cannot allow their rights to be taken away so easily. I am denied the right to go to a public hearing and voice my opinion. That is outrageous.

Americans need to “get a grip” and start living again! Remember….Land of the free – Home of the Brave?!?! Based on the facts…..This “coronavirus” is one of many “coronaviruses”. Is the net impact of this virus really different than other influenza/viruses we deal with everyday? Where are the facts? It is not rocket science that any individual (young or old) with a compromised immune system or very poor health, will more easily succumb to viruses and the common cold. It only makes sense. BTW… Have you checked on the overall condition of “assisted living facilities” or “nursing homes”? What is the affect of poor quality drugs from the “China Drug Store”? How many Americans (young and old) have gotten sick due to bad drugs from China?

It is not rocket science that “high density” communities/cities like NYC will more easily spread colds or other viruses. Those who use public transportation vs private transportation are going more frequently come in contact with viruses. Thus, more likely to contract a virus. Are we going to shutdown all public transportation? What will the environmentalist say about that??

It really is not rocket science!!!! People need to practice good hygiene, good health habits and be responsible – NOT SCARED OUT OF THEIR MINDS!!!

Fox News…..Learn the truth and report the truth…….It is really beginning to look like China played the U.S.A. and unfortunately we fell for it.

Let’s see the statistics on the other viruses and illnesses. How many people get the flu shot and still “catch” the flu? How many people have been hospitalized for the flu or pneumonia for the past 5-10 years? How many Americans die from these illnesses every year? How many people worldwide die from various viruses every year? How may colds do we get every year? How many of these cold remedies are manufactured in China? What about labeling? We should have the right to know who is cooking up our drugs.

The news media needs to calm down and INVESTIGATE AND REPORT THE FACTS!!

We the People need to calm down and look at the facts!!!

About — China Rx

About — China Rx

Listen to Dr. Hotze provide a reality check on the “Coronavirus”
American Freedom Watch Radio – Guests Dr Hotze and Willy Guardiola

American Freedom Watch Radio – Guests D…
Coronavirus Hysteria: The Need for Perspective

Jack Kerwick
Jack Kerwick
Posted: Mar 12, 2020 10:32 A

Steven F. Hotze, M.D., agrees. Citing the CDC, Dr. Hotze tells us that between October and February 22, there have been 45 million cases of the flu in the United States, 560,000 hospitalizations, and 46,000 fatalities.

Coronavirus Mass Hysteria – American Gr…

Hotze shares another critical fact that we are not likely to hear from the American media: In terms of their symptoms, duration, and target populations, the coronavirus and the flu are profoundly alike.

“The symptoms of the coronavirus and the flu are similar; fever, body aches, fatigue, loss of appetite, sinus and chest congestion, and in some cases, shortness of breath. For most people who get the flu or the coronavirus, the symptoms usually resolve within a week. The infirmed elderly and those who are debilitated health-wise, with severe lung, heart disease, or diabetes tend to be the individuals who experience serious problems when they contract the flu, or the coronavirus.”

Responsible and rational people know that it isn’t the coronavirus from which we have to fear. It is the irresponsible and irrational people who have already hurt untold numbers of people through their fear-mongering and hysterics who currently pose the gravest threat to our world

Coronavirus Hysteria: The Need for Perspective

Coronavirus Hysteria: The Need for Pers…

Thank you,
Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
Retired E8 USARMY

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