Are you Pro-Life or Pro-Abortion?

Are you Pro-Life or Pro-Abortion

christians should file a class action suit

Are you Pro-Life or Pro-Abortion?

The question concerning abortion!

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
Was a Candidate For U. S. Senate Florida 2018

V.P. Pence is not presenting the truth ! The GOP is the party that gave America Roe-v-Wade. Congressman George H (daddy) Bush wrote the law to fund Planned Parenthood in 1969. President Richard Nixon signed it into law in 1970. Planned Parenthood was prepared and in place before the case came up in 1973. The republicans are the origin of Abortion. Planned Parenthood was there waiting for the broken hearts of the depressed children of divorce which was also a promoted policy in education, media and entertainment. Mike Pence is a Liar.
It is time to discuss from the US Constitution what form of Government we are supposed to have. There is no 2 party political system in the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Amendments. Only members, and citizens.

There are no 2 candidates on the same ticket. The citizens vote for the president. The citizens vote for the vice president in a separate “distinct” election. The people, not the president, choose the vice president. There is no electoral college. There are electors, not a college in the Document. The people vote for the electors and the electors vote their own conscience. There is no option for open or closed Primaries by the States. There are no State’s Rights over the Federal Elections. This is a Federal Constitution and a Federal Congress charged to enforce the Articles with legislation. The States have logistical duties of Times, Manners and Places. Places are the only States Right. The Federal Congress cannot prescribe legislation and enforcement.

The vote on Roe vs. Wade was 7-2. Those justices supporting the case’s pro-choice outcome were as follows, including the president nominating each and the president’s party affiliation:
Harry Blackmun (Nixon, R)
Warren Burger (Nixon, R)
William Douglas (FDR, D)
William Brennan (Eisenhower, R)
Potter Stewart (Eisenhower, R)
Thurgood Marshall (LBJ, D)
Lewis Powell (Nixon, R)
Those dissenting on Roe vs. Wade — only two – and both were not Republican-president-nominated to the Court:

Byron White (Kennedy, D)
William Rehnquist (Nixon, R; chief justice under Reagan, R)
Nixon nominated four justices. Three concurred on Roe vs. Wade— arguably a decisive factor in the outcome of the case.

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD


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