16. In a disguise of a religion

(16) In the Disguise of a Religion

How could deception and evil be disguised in any better way than in devotion and faith?

• We as humans need to believe in something higher than we are to help us in our times of despair. God created us for a relationship with Himself, and created a need within us for that relationship. The enemy is one who counterfeits and has copied that desire in the name of other gods to hurt our loving Father and lead us down a pathway of destruction.

We are being desensitized into acceptance of all that is evil, perhaps for the thought that we could offend others. It’s delusional! What personal and moral beliefs do you have to stand on if you are continually whipped around by the sea of differences we live with in America? Each person has their own faith and set of beliefs they were brought up with and have come to live by as their own. Whether this faith is right or not. That’s who you are. And that makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense is going to a foreign land and adopting their belief system, then traveling to another country and doing the same thing. What does that say about you as a person? We can be tolerable of another person’s belief system and still maintain our own, without ridicule. We can love and still stand for who we are and what we believe in. We are being “dumbed down” by an evil system that wants control. Have you ever stopped to research the history of those who are fighting for control? I just used the word fighting. But actually if you really check it out, a subtle approach is being used to turn our allegiance to God and our country against God and our country.

God is the One true God and everything that exists revolves around Him.

Anything or anyone who would try to turn us away from Him is wrong…it is evil. We are being deceived into thinking their way is better. Opening your eyes and heart to embrace anything but God and His Love is a deceptive path of destruction for our freedom and way of life as we know it.

• God created us to Love, just as He is Love. His guidebook, the Bible, instructs us to love as He loves. He created us in His Image and likeness, to be like Him. Anything, person or god that does not relay this message of love does not give honor to our Creator. It may look or feel like a form of kindness, but if the love of God is not at the root, then we are being deceived. Satan is behind it! Why does he try so hard to deceive Gods children? Because he wants to hurt our loving Heavenly Father. Our Heavenly Father loves us just as an earthly Father loves his children. And hurting one of God’s children would certainly hurt our Heavenly Father just as it would hurt an earthly Father.

The point of my intentions here is to portray Gods truth. Sadism is masquerading as kindness. When a person shows you who they are, believe them. It’s not the peaceful people we have to fear, it’s the violent ones, and they are all taught the same, whether they act on it or not. To them it is truth. We accept those who are different from us and respect them for who they are. That’s what we are taught.

We are taught peace. We want peace.

How far does kindness and acceptance go when you are in hostile territory? Do you go in with open arms? Or use common sense and protect yourself. In this lies the root of deception. What does Jesus say about those who seek to deceive masquerading as an instrument of peace? Why take the chance when you could lose your life?

The Dilemma…

We are told to be kind to one another, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Ephesians 4:32

Where do we draw the line when our neighbor is our enemy? What we really don’t want to admit or see, is that we are at war. And in many incidences fighting for our lives and the lives of our children and loved ones. When a religion says, “anyone who doesn’t believe the way I believe, kill them,” then this insanity is disguised as a religion. Do we open our arms and say I will love you as you kill me?

That also is insanity! It’s not the good people of any foreign country that we worry about, it’s the terrorist and what all these people stand for. It’s not just the bad people who are taught this way of life, it’s all of them. When a person is taught this from a small child, it’s called brainwashing and to proceed with extreme prejudice is practicing armed forces defense.

Who is my enemy? Know your enemy!

Would you tell him again to be a good Samaritan? He helps and gets killed for helping? What are the consequences? You, we, are the causality! Some call it “collateral damage.” I don’t want me, my family or my friends to be “collateral damage.” We are Gods children! Have faith that He will protect us as we pay close attention to what we are being taught and pushed into very gently, so we are not seen as different, or politically incorrect.

Like sheep.


God hears and answers.

The nation that doesn’t stand with Israel will be forsaken by God!

The nation that doesn’t honor God, will not prosper, it will fall!

• Written by: Vilet Dye Copy Editor for Charles F. Tolbert EdD

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