Dr Tolbert for US Senate Florida 2016

Why does the news media only mention
Dem. And Rep. And not NPA or Independent candidates?
Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
Retired MSGT / Pastor

Candidate for US Senate Florida 2016 NPA
Please make your donations in support of Citizens for a Better America Party of Florida CFABAPF to your local charity.
CFABAPF paid for By Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD

Date: October 10, 2015 at 9:42:26 AM EDT
Subject: Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD candidate for United States Senate Florida 2016

Maybe this answers some of the questions plus redistrict

Charles Frederick Tolbert EdD
Candidate for United States Senate Florida 2016

Retired MSGT

Candidate Tracking System

2016 General Election
United States Senator

Charles Frederick Tolbert
No Party Affiliation

Post Office Box 740025
Orange City, FL 32774

Phone: (561)398-9025
Status: Active
Date Filed: 04/09/2015
Date Qualified:

Campaign Documents

States Senator
Candidate Status Primary General
Coleman, Richard M. (DEM) Active
DeRenzo, Donald J. (REP) Active
Desantis, Ronald D. (REP) Active
Gibbons, Sam Brian (DEM) Active
Giger, Herman Lee (NPA) Active
Grayson, Alan Mark (DEM) Active
Guthrie, Sean Patrick (NPA) Active
Invictus, Augustus Sol (LPF) Active
Jolly, David W. (REP) Active
Jones, Lateresa A. (NPA) Active
Katz, llya (REP) Active
Keith, Pamela Michele (DEM) Active
Khoury, Anton (NPA) Active
Knepper, Howard (REP) Active
Larose, Josh (DEM) Active
Lopez-Cantera, Carlos (REP) Active
Machat, Steven (NPA) Active
Murphy, Patrick E. (DEM) Active
Nathan, Bruce (NPA) Active
Osborne, Walter (NPA) Active
Smith, Dr. Joe (REP) Active
Sunthonchart Jr., Paiboon (WRI) Active
Tolbert, Charles Frederick (NPA) Active
Walls-Windhauser, Angela Marie (NPA) Active
Wilcox, Todd (REP) Active
Young, Dwight M.A. (REP)

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