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Will the Central Florida Expressway Authory be Allowed to Destroy East Orange County?

Will the Central Florida Expressway Authority be allowed to destroy the history and quality of life in East Orange County?

Ms. Putnam,

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me yesterday, June 29, 2018, before the CFX Board Meeting. I appreciate the information you shared with me. I am glad to know the 408 East Extension is on hold for now.

While visiting the CFX website I came across a “A New Study is Underway” This for the Northeast Connector (see info below). There is information about public participation “Public involvement will be an integral part of the assessment process”.

I am interested in participating in this study. It is my understanding CFX has a type of “Community/Citizen Advisory Board” where citizens are invited to become more involved with new projects. Please forward information on how I can participate in this study. I would also like to meet with you to learn more about this process. My email address is SallyLBaptiste@att.net and you may reach me at 407-761-9016.

Thank you in advance for your assistance with this process. As a lifelong resident Orange County, I am very concerned about the future of my community and want to be more involved with public works projects like the Northeast Connector.


“The Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) is conducting a Concept, Feasibility and Mobility Study of the Northeast Connector Expressway Extension. Below are details about the study and resources to keep you informed of the project’s progress. The study is scheduled to complete in April 2019.”

“The proposed Northeast Connector Expressway Extension study area generally extends from the vicinity of the existing State Road (SR) 50/SR 520 intersection in Orange County south to US 192 in Osceola County, a distance of approximately 25 miles. The study area is generally bound by the Econlockhatchee River to the west and Deer Park Road/Nova Road/SR 520 to the east. This new transportation corridor is represented as “Corridor I” in the East Central Florida Corridor Task Force Summary Report.”

“Public involvement will be an integral part of the assessment process. CFX anticipates holding public meetings in both Orange and Osceola counties during this study. In addition, meetings with an Environmental Advisory Group (EAG) and various stakeholders, including neighborhoods and special interest groups, will be held throughout the life of the study.”

Thank you,
Sally Baptiste

Here is the link to the CFX calendar. https://www.cfxway.com/agency-information/administration/meetings/list/

The July Board Meeting has been cancelled.

Next CFX Board Meeting – Thursday, August 9th, 9:00 AM.

The July “Right of Way” (ROW) meeting is still on the calendar for Wednesday, July 25th, 2:00 PM. Here is the link to the calendar. https://www.cfxway.com/agency-information/administration/meetings/list/

Here is the link to the CFX Board Meeting video archive.

Yesterday’s board meeting is not available yet, but should be out there soon – allow some extra time due to the Independence Day holiday.

Please share with others who were not able to attend the June 29th meeting.


Thank you,
Sally Baptiste

Mr. Sandoval,………….(Channel- 6 News),…….link……….https://www.clickorlando.com/news/board-votes-to-stop-plans-to-extend-408-expressway

Saw the presentation (408 detour) report, last evening on Channel-6 News. I have also left you a message on your voicemail, in the hopes we can expand on what really happened. Undoubtedly, we are all Happy that CFX has temporarily “Shelved” their “Corridor #4″ / 408 expansion proposal for now, and we Truly do wish that it was our words of Objection and Discontent that resonated through their collective Conscience. Unfortunately that appears to have NOT been the case.

I received an **e-mail (from Kathy Putnam / CFX),a day before Fridays CFX meeting (and before we spoke),informing us that the CFX Staff was going to recommend that this item be shelved in lieu of the FDOT proposal and it’s intent. **It was also mentioned in the beginning of the CFX proceedings (before we spoke),that this item was being shelved due to the FDOT proposal, and placed in a (Wait & See) status.

…….No where in the e-mail I received from CFX or before or during the CFX proceedings did they mentioned (For the record), that their decision (to shelve this item), was based of the Loud outcry / objection of the People……I find it Disingenuous, Misleading, and outright “Puffery”, if CFX gave you the impression that they did this exclusively because of their concerns about the People……….They never even mentioned us (The People),when considering their motion, and they made it clear their decision was in-lieu of any actions to be taken by FDOT and their (Colonial Parkway),proposal….

….It is only suspended as CFX waits to see what FDOT is to do,…..NOT….. for any sympathetic considerations of the HARM they will do to Citizens living in Deerwood. You might say we got a “temporary reprieve” from the “Lashing” they wish to Inflict on this community. That is NOT necessarily something to “CHEER” about.

I have been to many meetings and Public hearings over the years and have never seen any Agency “surrender”, merely or only on the words / objections of the People. If that was only true, then we would ALL experience a True Democracy. I don’t know if America is ready for that type of Honesty. I hope you call, so we can talk. Thomas Pastore / 407-381-5630.
Please share with others as you like……….

Here we are – 2018 and the Central Florida Expressway Authority continues to be a “Culture of Corruption” just like the good ole days of the “Orlando Orange County Expressway Authority” – Some things never change. You can never get a straight answer or all the facts from this state agency. It was corrupt when it was just Orange County – now this agency has taken over for Osceola, Seminole, Lake and Brevard Counties too. Talk about a network of sweetheart deals and political jackpot of gold for the insiders. This should be used as a case study for fraud and corruption within state and local government.

I encourage Florida voters to address this issue with any/all candidates who want to be the next governor of the State of Florida. The governor is ultimately responsible for the ongoing “Culture of Corruption” at these state agencies.

October 2016…..Mayor Jacobs had an opinion on the 408 Extension and was happy to talk about it…….
“A deal has been struck to extend State Road 408 past the Econlockhatchee River, creating a new stretch of highway to help gridlocked east Orange County.” See details below

Yesterday, Friday, June 29, 2018, at the Central Florida Expressway Authority Board Meeting, the board said the 408 Extension had NOT been approved and would not be approved at today’s meeting. They were only “acknowledging receipt of the 408 Extension PD&E study”. During this meeting Mayor Jacobs would offer no opinion on either projects 408 Extension or the Colonial Parkway.

In October 2016 – Mayor Jacobs had an opinion – she was happy the STATE would fund the 408 Extension for CFX, but on June 29, 2018, Mayor Jacobs cannot voice her opinion on these two Orange County projects. HMMMM…….Apparently, as the mayor of Orange County, it is more important to support the agenda of the Central Florida Expressway Authority over the rights, needs and will of the people of Orange County. Some call me a cynic, I am just seeking the truth and that seems to be in short supply at the CFX.

In the private sector these acts would be considered FRAUD!

I find it amusing that at the board meeting Mayor Jacobs acts surprised and/or confused when “We the People” of Orange County, Florida do not trust her and/or the Central Florida Expressway Authority! Apparently, she and those of CFX believe “We the People” of Orange and Osceola County should close our eyes, drink their kool-aid and just trust them. Only a fool or a person totally clueless as to their actions would trust this gang of political thugs!

CFX Website…..CFX 408 Extension – Page Not Found The page you are searching for does not exist or has been moved.


Kathy Putnam – New Study Underway – Must Read – Northeast Connector Project Includes 408 Extension – I did not see a date on the page,but link shows 2018-05…… https://www.cfxway.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Northeast-Connector-Expressway-Extension-Fact-Sheet.pdf

“The goal of the Northeast Connector Expressway Extension is to enhance north-south regional connectivity and mobility by providing connections between existing and future east-west corridors within the study area including the SR 408 Eastern Extension, SR 520, SR 528 (Martin Andersen Beachline Expressway), and US 192 (E Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway). These connections will enhance regional connectivity, provide greater mobility for the area’s growing population and economy, and provide for the incorporation of future transit options.”

Study Page

Participating in the Study…..
Public involvement will be an integral part of the assessment
process. CFX anticipates holding public meetings in both Orange
and Osceola counties during this study. In addition, meetings
with an Environmental Advisory Group (EAG) and various
stakeholders, including neighborhoods and special interest
groups, will be held throughout the life of the study

Kathy Putnam
Public Involvement Coordinator
Phone: (407) 802-3210
Email: ConceptStudies@CFXway.com
4974 ORL Tower Road
Orlando, FL 32807
Phone: (407) 690-5000
Fax: (407) 690-5011
Email: Info@CFXway.com

Public participation is solicited without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, disability or family status. Para más
información en español acerca del proyecto, por afavor comuníquese con Alicia Gonzalez al 786-280-6645 o por correo electrónico

See Study Schedule – Notice to Proceed

Check out FB page – nothing about this project being on hold???
408 East Extension

408 East Extension

History of 408 Extension…..


Use link to read complete article – the following was copied from this article…

A deal has been struck to extend State Road 408 past the Econlockhatchee River, creating a new stretch of highway to help gridlocked east Orange County.

The $800 million toll road will be entirely funded by the state and become part of the Florida Turnpike system, Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs said Wednesday. The eight-mile extension could be ready as early as 2022, officials estimate.

“It’s good news; it’s very good news,” Jacobs said.
Jacobs said traffic often forces east Orange residents to drive south to the BeachLine or endure delays on the area’s main artery of State Road 50. “They need an alternative,” she said.

I guess the truth just does not matter anymore!

Thank you,
Sally Baptiste

If the proposed SR 408 Extension is allow to go through…..THE ANSWER IS YES – See details below.

The Dietrich Ranch and it’s history will be destroyed if CFX has it’s way and moves forward with the 408 Extension. In addition to the Dietrich ranch – which is a designated conservation area, many other homes, ranches and businesses will be destroyed. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION FOR THE 408 EXTENSION – THE COLONIAL PARKWAY IS THE BETTER SOLUTION TO RELIEVE GRIDLOCK THAT WAS CREATED BY RECKLESS ORANGE COUNTY GROWTH MANAGEMENT THAT MANUFACTURED THIS GROWTH IN ORANGE COUNTY!! We must face the truth, those elected to serve and protect “WE THE PEOPLE” do NOT care about “WE THE PEOPLE” or the quality of life in Orange County. If the truth matters?

Please attend tomorrow’s CFX Board Meeting if you can. Their actions will have a major impact in East Orange County. I will be there and I will address the board. See flyer below for details.

There are currently two conflicting and competing highway projects for East Orange County. The 408 Extension and the Colonial Parkway. The 408 Extension will require use of eminent domain to steal people’s homes, ranches and businesses. The 408 Extension will destroy protected conservation land. There is no need for the 408 Extension. The Colonial Parkway will do the same thing with existing right of way owned by the state. The Colonial Parkway will add toll lanes in the middle of the road. Note – “Parkways” now mean toll lanes. However, the free lanes would still be available. This is much better option than the 408 Extension.

See the History of the Dietrich Ranch – this ranch which is now a designated conservation land will be destroyed. It is my understanding, per state laws, they must prove a designated conservation area is no longer needed as a conservation area before they can develop it. If the truth matters! If the laws matter! Sad to say, we know the laws to not apply to our very corrupt government.

Also note – We (the Florida taxpayers) are paying for both of these projects. This is a waste of OUR money.

Inline image

Inline image

Thank you,
Sally Baptiste

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