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Generally, the word “God” will appear in two places in most constitutions.

Generally, the word “God” will appear in two places in most constitutions. The first place is in the preamble to the constitution. The second place is in the religion clauses in the bill of rights. For example, the word “God” appears in the preamble in eight state constitutions. In four states, the “Supreme Ruler of […]

Commerce clause, in the U.S

Free trade agreement (FPP) is in violation of the Commerce Clause Article I, section 8), A three-part test is used to determine this implied condition to regulate interstate commerce: (1) that the law is not intended to discriminate against another state, (2) that the substance of the law must not be one that requires national […]

Supreme Law of the Land.

http://constitutionality.us/SupremeCourt.html Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, proposed Section 1. When the number of states exceeding twenty-five percent of all the United States shall have declared any enactment of the Legislative, Executive or Judicial branch to be in violation of this Constitution, that enactment shall, in whole, be declared invalid and no court […]

Supreme Court violates the U.S. Constitution we must have them impeached

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Powers of the Supreme Court

Subject: Supreme Court http://constitutionality.us/SupremeCourt.html The (Natural) Laws of Government The Supreme Court and Judicial Review Judicial Review The Supreme Court of the United States spends much, if not most, of its time on a task which is not delegated to the Supreme Court by the Constitution. That task is: Hearing cases wherein the constitutionality of […]