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I am reaching out to you, hoping you will take a few minutes to investigate the guardianship appointment of Miriam E. Lancaster:

Oct 12, 2017 updated Miriam E. Lancaster passed away last night at 8:00 PM. Sandy Mihilas, Bob Settle, Dr. Anthony Filardo and I were with her. Miriam was like a mother to me and I will miss her very much. We shared a very special bond that will be with me for the rest of […]

Federal antitrust violations by the Democrats and Republicans

Federal Antitrust Look for an upcoming story as provided by Citizens For A Better America, explaining why the Democrat and Republican parties have violated the anti-trust act of 1914, and their purpose of acquisition of individuals that have relied upon the separation of power and politics in order to redirect the future of America […]

George Soros

. We need to recruit millions of our fellow patriots to our cause and deliver millions of DEPORT GEORGE SOROS NOW! NATIONAL PETITION appeals to the White House now! Forcing the U.S. government to deport George Soros is a MASSIVE undertaking. Soros is such a clear and present danger to our national sovereignty it must […]

War on terrorism, one world power, and the relationship to agenda 21

Global Warming/Climate Change Deception Compliance to a communistic world governing body is the goal and the global warming/climate change deception is the “life threatening crisis” that the United Nations has chosen to get there. Charles F Tolbert EdD RetiredMaster Sergeant United States Army Pastor Despite this, climate change has been the alleged […]

Update September 13, 2017 why we should fire the assistant DOJ

why we should fire the assistant DOJ Why the director of the FBI should be fired after 90 days rather than immediately. There are multiple articles prior to the election of President Trump into office concerning the FBI director, James Comey . The following link is one of hundreds of other articles and […]