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Fw: MAY 10TH – CALL TO ACTION………….Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise will hold a Public Information Meeting for the Colonial Parkway PD&E Study

Time for the TTEA Party – Toll Taxed Enough Already across the U.S.A.!

Toll Taxes are regressive and abusive! They increase the cost of living for every U.S. Citizen AND FOR WHAT?!?!? Answer…… For the sole purpose of enriching the politicians and their special interest cronies – including foreign/non-U.S.A. corporations. There are better ways to fund highway infrastructure – IF THE TRUTH MATTERS!

Share with others…


Mark your calendars – June 27th and June 29th – See Meeting Notices below

Central Florida Expressway Authority Office

4974 ORL Tower Rd
Orlando, FL 32807

June 27, 2018, 2:00 PM

Right of Way Committee Meeting – Note “Right of Way” = EMINENT DOMAIN!!
No public comments allowed at this meeting, but our presences will let them know we oppose their abuse of EMINENT DOMAIN!
June 29, 2018, 10:00 AM OC Resident Meeting at 9:00 AM at the CFX Parking lot.

CFX Board Meeting – Public Comment – You may submit “Public Comment Request” prior to CFX Board meeting.

“Please register if you would like to make a public comment at a Board meeting. Online requests made within 24 hours of the meeting will not be processed; instead, please fill out the form below and bring any corresponding attachments with you to the meeting. Public comment forms will also be available at the front desk on the day of the meeting.”

Inline image

Inline image

Go to CFX Website for more information

Thank you,
Sally Baptiste

*** Channel 13 Team ***

Thank you for having the Town Hall meeting – Growth or Gridlock.

Thank you for attending and reporting on both the SR 408 Extension – Public Hearing and the FDOT-FTE Colonial Parkway Public Information Meeting.

Special Note – I have “BCC” some of my fellow Orange County residents and Floridians to protect their privacy. I encourage them to reach out to you in agreement or disagreement with the information I am sharing with you. Thus, you may receive other comments and/or opinions.

With all of that being said, I am now asking you to take this very important public matter to the next level…..

The residents of Orange County need a way to voice their concerns, discuss options, make suggestions and share their position on these two competing/conflicting projects. Please see the attached email.

Please consider having a “Community Board Panel” that consists of 6-8 Orange County residents. These individuals would address these two projects, the impact they have to them and our community and to present questions to those on the Orange County Commission, CFX board, MetroPlan Orlando – MPO board and FDOT-FTE agencies. Those on the panel could not work for or be associated with any public agency or corporation that has been engaged on behalf of any of these public agencies.

We need this Community Board Panel because our elected are ignoring us. Some of us have reached out to our elected county leaders/representatives who in some cases are also on the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) board. We have asked to meet with them. We have asked them to post on the Orange County Website, their official position on these two projects along with their reasons.

We have repeatedly asked them to participate in these public meetings/hearings. Unfortunately, over and over again, they ignore us. They offer no response or position on these projects. In the case of Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs, she did not attend either of the last two meetings AND she has refused to provide any response to our questions via email or website. As a reporting agency/organization, you may want to ask the Mayor why she refuses to be engaged with her constituents on this very important matter.

It appears to some of us, Mayor Jacobs has a very close (too close) relationship with CFX AND she has a conflict of interest since she is now running for the Orange County School Board. Based on Mayor Jacobs’ actions, it is my opinion she is no longer able to represent and serve the people of Orange County. Mayor Jacobs’ should step aside at this time. It is my understanding she is not allowed to continue in the position of OC Mayor once she declares her candidacy for another office. This is done to ensure this no conflict of interest.

Commissioner Jennifer Thompson attended the SR 408 Extension public hearing, but was not part of the panel and never answered public questions. Commissioner Emily Bonilla attended the FDOT-FTE public information meeting and stated she was trying to setup a meeting with both CFX and FDOT-FTE to allow the public to have a side-by-side comparison of the projects and ask questions in a town hall setting. This would be good, but I am not sure the commissioner – without the support of Mayor Jacobs – can make that happen.

I have no doubt, your viewers and online readers would very much appreciate the information from such a citizen/resident board. Many Orange County residents/citizens/voters are fed-up with our local elected leaders and the various unelected/unaccoutable public agencies that repeatedly disregards the will of the people of Orange County.

This could be done via a town hall setting or in your studio or at a public location (hotel like the recent Growth or Gridlock town hall).

Please give this consideration and let me know if you would be willing to do this.

Thank you,
Sally Baptiste

On Monday, May 14, 2018 9:14 AM, “” wrote:

To Commissioners Thompson and Bonilla, 408 / CFX vs. Colonial Parkway / FDOT Time to Reflect and Represent ;

Many meetings / presentations have occurred over the past couple of years, as two (CFX vs. FDOT), Public Agencies have continued to “Sell” their “wares” to the Public. The People do not know where our County representative’s stand on this ongoing issue, though we wish to hold-on to the Illusion that you will Represent the People. Therefore we will involves ourselves intensely as these projects lumber along. We will wish for the Honorable performance of our Commissioners and our Mayor to stand-by us and for us, despite any affections they may have for one Agency or the other.
It is unfortunate that 2 Public Agencies (CFX vs. FDOT), that were to represent the needs of the People could not Unify, and come up with a Consensus plan, with the Citizens, that served the needs of the People and the needs of any Traffic concerns….I believe we are past that opportunity, at this time.

**With that being said, I strongly believe that many more Citizens and Residents of the affected areas prefer (without question), the plan being presented by FDOT. My Discussions with Residents in the affected areas largely concur, and support the FDOT proposal. The reasons are very obvious, even if one doesn’t live in this area. ***This is also reflected, as a matter-of-Record, as of April 26th,2018, when over 400 people attended and ALL except (1) one person spoke in Opposition of the CFX proposal.

……The CFX proposal, (Corridor#4), will destroy Homes, Wetlands, Ranches, Businesses, and leave irreparable Harm to our Environment…..This is an Undeniable result of their aggressive pursuits.

…..The FDOT proposal, (Colonial Parkway), will use the existing roadway known as SR-50. It will widen said roadway, and if any encroachment occurs it will not / should not remove present Businesses, or affect any Homes. *It will certainly not require further Destruction of East Orange County’s Wetlands, and it will Not destroy Family Ranches that have been part of Florida’s early Historical signature.

**IT is really that simple. The FDOT proposal (as presented), is what the People desire for further consideration, and we wish that our Commissioner’s and the Mayor embrace, the Needs, the Will, and the Desires of the People they are to represent. This is NOT an absolute endorsement of the total FDOT plan, for we wish “Community input” as this progresses, and Public meetings with FDOT so as to voice our thoughts and opinions. Do Not underestimate the knowledge and value of the People who need to and wish to submit their thoughts and concepts on making this proposal even more acceptable and applicable to our needs and the Environment……………….This can work………….if we leave the Politics-out-of-the Equation.

Request;….. The People of the Affected areas in East Orange County, wish to have the pivotal District Commissioners of Districts 4 and 5, design a “Town-hall” meeting where we can all meet and prepare a Consensus “train of thought”, that we can present to the representatives of FDOT, for their consideration. We know which roadway will best serve the people and our Community-at-large, with minimal impact on all the needed concerns that will preserve the People, their day-to-day lives, and our Environment. We want our District Commissioners to reflect our needs and the needs of the Community, so it is imperative that we have Community meetings to Unify us all, in both Spirit and Intent of this future construction. I ask that Commissioner Thompson, and Commissioner Bonilla, began the process of representing the People, on this issue, that will affect Ten’s-of-Thousands of Orange County Residents. Please reply in a timely manner, as it is We-The-People, that you represent. Thank You…….Thomas Pastore / 407-381-5630

Mr. Maxwell,

In the past you have been outspoken about CFX and Florida’s addition to toll taxes. Why are you being soooo silent on the actions of CFX – eminent domain abuse AND the plans to add toll lanes to SR 50?

Thank you,
Sally Baptiste

On Sunday, May 13, 2018 10:55 AM, Sally Baptiste wrote:

Dear OS Editor,

I find it alarming the OS has refused to report on issues surrounding the CFX SR 408 Extension. Since the OS is refusing to report on it, maybe you will share these facts:

For starters; there are two competing projects by CFX and FDOT. These two dysfunctional agencies are wasting millions of OUR tax dollars. The projects serve the same purpose – promote growth in East Orange County.

However, in the case of the CFX SR 408 extension, CFX will abuse eminent domain and steal people’s property. However, the OS and other so-called “news media” ignore this egregious violation of people’s rights. Why is this? Does the OS get too much CFX advertising $$ and cannot report the truth in fear of losing this $$?

Bottom line….
The CFX SR 408 Extension needs to be shutdown. The SR 50 plan, while not perfect, is a much better option than a project that destroys peoples’ homes, ranches, businesses, conservation areas, wetlands and creates more problems for water shortages in the area.

Why does OS refuse to report this?

Thank you,
Sally Baptiste

HELP THE PEOPLE OF EAST ORANGE COUNTY TO GET THEIR VOICES TO BE HEARD!!……Please place this on your Respective Websites;

MAY 10th
FDOT Colonial Parkway Public Meeting

Thursday May 10, 2018 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. DoubleTree Hotel Orlando East-UCF Area 12125 High Tech Avenue Orlando, FL 32817 …Flyer Link; ….This is an important meeting. Orange County residents must be afforded every opportunity to have their voices heard. We need to address this project and the competing SR 408 Extension project. We do not need both toll roads – we cannot afford all of the duplicate expenses we are being forced to pay for these competing projects…..We need to protect the quality of life in Orange County. There are better options that would be in the best interest of Orange County Residents and all Floridians. Please announce this information on air and post it on your website. Thank you
Colonial Parkway – Florida Turnpike Enterprise Public Information Meeting – 12125 High Tech Avenue Orlando, FL 32817, East Orange County, FL
05:30 PM – 07:30 PM

On May 6, 2018, at 6:20 PM, Sally Baptiste wrote:

WOFL Fox 35 News Room

Fox 35 Newsroom: (407) 741-5027

American Statesman Blog Talk Radio
Monday, May 7, 2018, 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Call-In Number – 347-857-4364 Press 1 to Speak on the Air.

Florida’s Dysfunctional Transportation Agencies – Continued

Florida’s Dysfunctional Transportat…

Who is in charge of this insanity?

Transportation Committee Page – The Florida Senate

Transportation Committee Page – The Flo…

Florida House of Representatives – Transportation & Tourism Appropriations Subcommittee–continued

American Statesman Blog Talk Radio
Monday, May 7, 2018, 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Call-In Number – 347-857-4364 Press 1 to Speak on the Air.

Thursday May 10, 2018 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
DoubleTree Hotel
Orlando East-UCF Area
12125 High Tech Avenue
Orlando, FL 32817

*** Attention Central Florida News Organizations ***

Please explain why you have FAILED (or refused) to report the following critical transportation information to the residents of Central Florida – in this case – especially the residents/taxpayers/motorists/voters of Orange County. Please see email below and interview Thomas Pastore on this issue. It appears Mr. Pastore has done a lot more research on this issue than any of the local news organizations have done. The residents of Orange County and all Florida taxpayers need to know this information.

It should be noted……”We the People” fully understand that you make a lot of $$$$ money $$$$ off of advertising for the Florida Turnpike Enterprise and the Central Florida Expressway Authority. Maybe you have a conflict of interest here???

It appears you are unable and/or unwilling to report the truth out of fear of losing these advertising funds and other “perks” you may get by slanting your reporting in support of these two state agencies and FDOT. Is this why you either refuse to report anything or your reporting is nothing more than PROPAGANDA REPORTING like the recent WESH-2 report on the SR 408 Extension Public Hearing?

Please understand “propaganda reporting” is much worse than “fake new”. For those of you who may not understand the true meaning of PROPAGANDA NEWS this should help you….

Information or ideas that are spread by an organized group or government to influence people’s opinions, esp. by not giving all the facts or by secretly emphasizing only one way of looking at the facts.

Official government communications to the public that are designed to influence opinion. The information may be true or false, but it is always carefully selected for its political effect.

information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view

Propaganda is the spreading of information in support of a cause. It’s not so important whether the information is true or false or if the cause is just or not — it’s all propaganda.

I believe a case can be made the news media as it operates today, does NOT serve the public interest. Fake/False/Fraudulent/Propaganda reporting can never serve the public interest.

In the interest of full disclosure, news organizations that insist on slanting/propagandizing their reporting on any issue – especially those that impact public policy, public projects, public assets and public elections, should have a different classification or rating such as “FCC Propaganda News Organization” and a full disclosure on their websites and/or news broadcast….. This News Station’s goal is to NOT to share the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth with our viewers/readers. It is our goal to share our opinion as though it is proven fact/truth based and what we want you to believe and how we want you to behave. Yes. At times our reporting may be influenced by private and public advertising revenues. Additionally, our reporting may be influenced by our political views and ideologies regardless of the what the truth/facts really are.

I encourage you to report the facts about the competing/conflicting transportation projects underway by FDOT Florida Turnpike Enterprise and Central Florida Expressway Authority – SR 408 Extension. Florida taxpayers should not have their money squandered this way and we should not destroy the qualify of life in East Orange County in the interest of political favors and reckless growth management that We the People will have to pay for.

Some say (mostly self-serving politicians) ….. Build it and they will come.

Many Orange County Residents say…….DON’T build it and they will NOT come!

Those in public office should respect the will of the people for a change and STOP MANUFACTURING GROWTH FOR THEIR POLITICAL AGENDA AND FINANCIAL WELL-BEING.

Thank you,
Sally Baptiste

On Monday, May 7, 2018 8:07 AM, “” wrote:

Expanding SR-408 / SR-50, at what cost to the People??

It appears that this story may go as far back as 2008 when the old Orange County Expressway Authority had a “dream” to extend the S.R.-408 (Toll road) further East towards I-95.
*They have now expanded themselves into a (5) Multi-County,(new name), Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX).

In 2015 they did a Feasibility study to assess the best Pathway to continue the SR-408 (Toll),roadway. Would you believe that their study revealed that going adjacent to the existing roadside of SR-50, was the best-way to proceed. **It was stated that any other alternative would be Controversial and Expensive.
……This would make sense, as “Impacts” (I suspect), to the Environment, Traffic, and Socio-Economic concerns would be minimal at best, alongside SR-50, as opposed to what is occurring now in 2018.
……Unfortunately, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), decided not to support this plan, and grant CFX the “Right-of-Way” permission that would be required. Furthermore, FDOT decided to continue on with their (own),version of roadway “Enhancement” for SR-50, which appears to now have suggestions of Toll Lanes alongside the existing lanes. What is going on??

There appears to be some “Water-cooler” stories of improper / untimely notifications of intent, from one Agency to the other,…. perceived growing animosity, (amongst these 2 agencies),and continued “Friction”, but such “Tales” may be gossip of a (They said / they said) fashion…..What really matters is that the good People of East Orange County, may be caught-up in a Traffic Jam , by (2) two Agencies, Blocking Traffic with their version(s) of some sought of disagreement and possible animosity??
Is this a festering form of Bureaucratic “Road-Rage” from competing Agencies under the pretense of doing what’s best for the People? We must consider though, if this bears any Fruit it will cause irreparable harm to the community, our environment, our very lives, and of course any Trust that we have in (agencies),that we subsidize with our Taxes. Are we in (East orange County) to be considered as “Collateral Damage” while a perceived “Tug-of-war” continues over a fight of ….”my proposal is better then your proposal” ???? While they struggle to convince the Public that one plan is better then the other, we continue to stress, and worry about what is going to happen to our very Future.
…..**Some of the Justified reasons of concern, (should CFX prevail), are that Innocent people may now have their lives turned upside-down, by irresponsible “evictions”, due to the lack-of-cooperation, negotiations, and communications by these (2) Agencies. Furthermore we will SCAR even more of our Environment, destroy Wetlands, create “new” Flood-zones, and then watch the Government’s …”Sword of Indiscretion”…..fearfully known as “Eminent Domain” Strike with Eyes-Closed…. Eminent Domain will (once again) be the most-feared word to whisper in a perceived Nation that embraces the “land of the Free”!!!
…..American Citizens, who hold Homes and Businesses, in the docile, relaxed, and passive communities of East Orange County will become Refugees in their own County. Simply because (2) Agencies who’s Duty and Obligation is to consider and perform in the Best interest of the Public chose their individual “Interest” first.
CFX regardless of being turned down by FDOT,…. voted in (2016),to maintain their (408 extension),commitment, despite the refusal of FDOT to give them the most accepted , minimal impact, and viable plan. ……And so the Road-Rage grows. Their decision to continue may be a “Declaration of Disregard” for the People, their Homes, the Land, and the existing Businesses?? The (CFX), plan (we expect) to be chosen is defined as “Corridor #4″. This proposal objected to by over 400 people (Corrected Amount) on the April 26th, 2018 public hearing, will remove Senior Citizens, and socio-economically (poor) people from their Homes. It will take properties from those who bought their land with their own, hard-earned money, (not Tax dollars), and will likely remove necessary stores and needed businesses that people depend upon…….How is this GOOD for anyone??
Some may understand the reasons why (being denied the Right-of-way) by FDOT has compelled the CFX proposal to “bulldoze” through our Citizens Homes and our sensitive Environment? I don’t think the People affected by this determined plan, can or should have to understand this.
As I understand it, CFX Failed to continue discussing with FDOT any plans, even though (in 2014) FDOT was considering the integrating of both plans. The “Breakup” between both parties appeared to fester, when CFX presented their (adjacent to SR-50), plan to FDOT, seeking Right-of-way” status for their proposal. This action, knowingly or Not, reflected a lack-of-concern and respect for the FDOT proposal still on the drawing-board.
……But doesn’t it ALL seem to be wrong when there is NO considerations for the People, due to a Stubbornness that is both Amateurish, and uncalled- for by (2) agencies that should be committed to serve the people?? Everyone must have realized that the People will pay for this Failed co-operation and careless performance. Once again we are “Collateral Damage” for this internal war some may look at as “Road-Rage” .
Let’s be very real here, this is occurring because they have far-too-many of our Dollars to play with. Consider the thought……That two (2) private corporations could not (afford) to do such a “petty-road rage” performance simply because money limitations wouldn’t allow it to happen. Also private corporations would inevitably be responsible for their performance or Lack-thereof. We the People end-up being Victimized when any County / State agency lacks maturity and co-operation. Who will answer for this ongoing occurrence???
The People need to be heard, and I hope that we will organize for what is upcoming. At present, I see NO (Elected), Leaders representing the People, so we must choose for ourselves. Far too many years have past and No-one is demanding co-operation and Justice!! No one is desirous of sitting at the “Peace-Table” to Quell this perceived “Road-Rage”, and devise a plan that both serves the people and serves the intent of an Expressway.
Should we actually need an Expressway Extension is something still to be determined. What must be foremost with the Feuding parties is that what is presented must have a Minimal Impact on those whose Tax dollars have allowed for the creation of your jobs.
….**As for the involved County Commissioners,….”Smart-Growth”, should be-NO Growth at this time. This is not a competition to be the Biggest or the Fastest growing Community in the State or the Country for that matter. If you need to keep Enticing people to move here, so as to Justify “New” Construction, so as to Reap-In all those increasing “Impact Fees”, so as to Justify all your $$ spending, so as to justify more Expressways…….Then the People of Orange County don’t need you anymore!! We need managers of the People’s present affairs, as well as managers of our present Tax dollars, which also requires managers of our Natural environment. Anyone (as we appear to be doing), can Destroy our Lands, and our Natural Resources, but to do it under the Guise of “Smart Growth”,………is Offensively Stupid!!
…….If we had been exercising better Values, better Judgements, with Better Leadership, there would be NO discussions or needs for any Extensions of SR-408, nor the Tolling of SR-50.
Thomas Pastore / 407-381-5630 / Come-on you Guys…….if North and South Korea can meet to work-it-out……….???

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Beloved, I wish above all things thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as the soul prospereth.

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Amado, deseo encima de todas cosas usted mayest prospera y está en la salud, aún como el prospereth de la alma.

Per my communication with other residents at the recent SR 408 Extension Public Hearing, most Orange County Residents were not aware if this upcoming public meeting. Approximately 500 residents attended the SR 408 Extension Public Hearing.

This is an important meeting. Orange County residents must be afforded every opportunity to have their voices heard. We need address this project and the competing SR 408 Extension project. We do not need both toll roads – we cannot afford all of the duplicate expenses we are being force to pay for these competing projects, we need to protect the quality of life in Orange County. There are better options that would in the best interest of Orange County Residents and all Floridians.

Please announce this information on air and post it on your website.

It would also be very beneficial for you to cover this meeting and report the voice of the people of Orange County. Please do not slant reporting like WESH did at the SR 408 Extension Public Hearing. Floridians/Taxpayers/Motorists need the truth – not propaganda reporting.

Proposal would extend SR 408 east to SR 520

Proposal would extend SR 408 east to SR…

Thank you,
Sally Baptiste

Please forward this to other Central Florida Residents – especially those in East Orange County. Post on your facebook page and twitter. It is important for residents to attend the May 10th FDOT / Florida Turnpike Enterprise hearing/meeting – see details below. Many residents and businesses are not aware of this meeting.

Contact your Orange County Mayor, Commissioners and State Representatives and demand their attendance and demand they meet with you and hear your voice. These two conflicting proposals affect our quality of life and cost all Floridians millions/billions of our tax dollars! YES…THIS IS OUR MONEY AND OUR COMMUNITY! WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO RESPECT THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE???

Unfortunately, we must frequently remind them they were elected to serve the people – not the special interest groups!!

There are many unanswered questions with both of these proposals. It is apparent to me; both the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) and FDOT / Florida Turnpike Enterprise have done their best to keep the residents/taxpayer uninformed and in the dark about these two conflicting projects. They were aided by the propaganda reporting and/or no reporting by local news organizations.
I hope to see you there!

Thank you,
Sally Baptiste

On Friday, May 4, 2018 7:39 PM, “” wrote:

Hoping this info Helps, as there are TWO conflicting proposals to build Expressways through Homes, Ranches, and Wetlands, along SR-50, going down to 520, and eventually to I -95. Destruction of Homes, Ranches, Businesses is evitable, if we allow it. Last week we had the CFX Hearing proposal, and next week we have the FDOT Hearing proposal. Please have a Representative attend. Thanks…See info below;…..

Meeting on May 10th. See below;……
This is another Proposal by FDOT. (not CFX)……They want to widen SR-50 and add Express Toll lanes, all the way to 520…….PEOPLE NEED TO ATTEND THIS MEETING!!. Why are we being subjected to Multiple meetings on Adversarial proposals by what appears to be (2) two Competing Agencies??? Our Tax dollars should be treated with better responsibility and Respect. This “Tug-of-War” by these two agencies is serving only their own purpose to define who is the “King-of-the-Hill” in our region…………Tom Pastore / 407-381-5630


Dear Affected Communities and other interested Parties,…..

On behalf of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, please find attached the notice for the Public Information Meeting for the Colonial Parkway Project Development and Environment (PD&E) along State Road (SR) 50 from Woodbury Road to SR 520, in Orange County FL.

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise will hold a Public Information Meeting for the Colonial Parkway PD&E Study on Thursday, May 10, 2018 at
the DoubleTree Hotel Orlando East-UCF Area, 12125 High Tech Avenue, Orlando, FL 32817 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The meeting location is shown on the attached notice and other details are available at….. DIRECTIONS…….DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Orlando East-UCF Area…12125 High Tech Avenue, Orlando, Florida, 32817, 407-381-0019……..Turn onto Alafaya Trail (434),then left (If coming from Colonial/SR-50), onto University Blvd. Make a right onto Systems Way than 1st right High Tech, hotel is on the left.
Project Description

The proposed Colonial Parkway (SR 50) facility improvements would extend from SR 408, at its current eastern terminus, to SR 520 along the SR 50 corridor providing added capacity along with a limited access, tolled east-west corridor to serve through trips and relieve congestion along existing roadways. This PD&E Study will include alternatives to widen SR 50 and introduce general toll lanes.

Click to enlarge map

We appreciate your continued interest in the study.

Abra Horne
Senior Project Manager, PD&E Studies

Florida’s Turnpike Milepost 263, Building 5315
Ocoee, FL 34761
Tel: 407-264-3019
Cell: 321-200-5016

Charles Frederick Tolbert
BS organizational effectiveness
DIVM theology
EdM Technology and interaction in education
EdD. Educational leadership
Retired Master Sergeant United States Army
Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ

Candidate US Senate Fl 2018

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